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Batrep: 500 points, Eldar vs. Tau
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Default Batrep: 500 points, Eldar vs. Tau

Well, today was my first battle with the 500 point list found here. I was versing my brother's Eldar Jetbike list which looks something like:
1 Autarch with fusion gun, laser lance, mandiblaster, and jetbike
3 guardian jetbikes, 1 with shuricannon
6 guardian jetbikes, 2 with shuricannons
6 Fire Dragons, 1 Exarch with fire pike, crack shot, and tank hunters

As you can imagine, I was rather disappointed to realize that my Broadside, Commander, and devilfish all were great targets for his Fire dragons, while my Broadside would have to plink away with its SMS the entire game. The map was fairly open, with a fence running down the middles and some TLOS blocking terrain near the sides. We rolled for mission and got Capture and Control (which out of the 7 games I've played with him, we've gotten 6 times) and Dawn of War. I left everything in reserves, and he deployed his Autarch with the 6 bike team as far up the field as he could, with the 3 man team close behind on the left flank. I deployed my objective in the open in the middle right of my side, he deployed his as far back as possible behind TLOS blocking terrain. Also, it may be worth mentioning that this was a small field, about 36"x24".

The first turn went something like this. Everything besides kroot comes onto the field, the commander comes on the left flank, killing a jetbike in the 6 man team with his plasma rifle, the broadside comes on behind some TLOS blocking terrain near the middle, firing on the 3 man team with his SMS, killing 1 biker, and the devilfish (with FW's safely inside) flies up the right flank.

His Autarch with accompanying bikes then decide to go after the commander and broadside, opening fire with their Shuricannons, only to have them be deflected by the Broadsides armor. The 3 man team zooms from the left flank to the middle. Fire dragons enter the field behind the TLOS blocking terrain mentioned.

On turn two, much to my dismay, my Kroot entered (I had hoped to use them for last minute grabbing of my objective. They sit tight on my objective. The devilfish moves towards the 2 bike team and opens fire, killing none. The Broadside does the same to the Autarch's group, killing none while the commander rapid fires with his plasma rifle and deals a wound with his CIB, bringing the Autarch to 2 wounds and killing two of his bikers.

My brother then moved the Firedragons up farther and opens fire with the Exarch's Firepike, but fails to hurt the devilfish. The 2 bikes had similar results with their shuricannon. The Autarch's group moves up and get's about 7" away from my commander, opening fire with all their weapons. Luckily, the Autarch missed with the fusion cannon (and he had BS6!) and the other weapons failed to get through my commander's armor. He then moved them up 6", trying to assault, only to find them 1" short.

My devilfish passed the 2 remaining bikes on the left, hid behind some terrain, and dropped it's drones which proceeded to attack the bikes (doing no damage). The Firedragons ran forward 9", getting dangerously close to my gun drones and Devilfish. Meanwhile, the broadside shot at the 2 bikes, doing no damage while the commander brought another bike down and the Autarch to 1 wound. Then, charging the team, he defeats them in assault, forcing them to retreat, and kills them in a sweeping advance (!).

Knowing he's in trouble, my brother attempts for a draw by moving towards my devilfish with his Firedragons, and moves his jetbikes back to his home objective. Unable to see my devilfish, they do nothing.

I then moved my gun drones towards his Firedragons and prepared my Devilfish for some reverse FoFing (having the fire warriors between the devilfish and the enemy to grant it a 4+ save, after all, d-pods are useless at 12"). The broadside fires at the Firedragons, killing one. The Firewarriors kill none.

Then, the fire dragons fired on the gun drones (?). Killing both with ease, they had nothing to charge and stood their ground.

Now my commander, who had been moving up, opened fire from 12" away, killing all but 1 Firedragon (not the Exarch). The Firewarriors loaded up in the devilfish and moved near the objective and my brothers jetbikes.

The fire dragon moved back after making its moral check, to melta my devilfish, scoring a crew-shaken result.

The devilfish then proceeded to tankshock both enemy units (making the fire dragon flee off the table) and deploy its fire warriors, which decimated the two remaining bikes and capture the enemy objective.

End scoring: Tau 2, Eldar 0
Models lost: Tau 0, Eldar 10

Final thoughts: Well, it was a pretty good game and the list functioned very well. I was especially pleased with the Firewarriors and Devilfish combo, as I had never used it before but found it quite effective in this game. The only thing that I thought could have worked better were the kroot, as they were pretty much wasted throughout the game. Also, I think that while it was a fun game, I didn't lose a single model. This made the battle rather one sided. I look forward to trying out the 1000 and 1500 point versions of this list, and hope they do as well as this one.
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