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RTT Tau at 1250 points battle reports
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Default RTT Tau at 1250 points battle reports

Thor's Hideout 1250 point RTT March 29/09

We'll needing a change from my Orks, I took my Tau out to a RTT run by Nick at Thor's Hideout in Burnaby, BC Canada. I was hearing so much how Tau sucked on forums that I had to play my first army (which hasn't even been finished in five years). Playing an army that isn't popular always had an appeal to me, which why I first started playing Orks as nobody else had them around here either at the time of 3rd edition. With the new 5th addition rules and codex, Orks started to be played a lot more, so it was time to fight for the greater good once again.

I brought :
Shas-el - plasma rifle, missile pod, positional relay, hard wired multi-tracker, shield drone
Shas-el- plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, hard wired multi-tracker
Crisis squad Firestorm - Team leader with an air burst fragmentation discharger, missile pod, multi-tracker, shield drone. Crisis suit member with burst cannon, missile pod, and multi tracker
Crisis squad Helios - Team leader with fusion blaster, plasma rifle, targeting array, shield drone, bonded, and HW multi-tracker. Crisis suit with fusion blaster, plasma rifle, and multi- tracker.
Six Fire warriors with Warfish.
Ten Kroot with five hounds
Ten Kroot with five hounds
Hammerhead with Rail gun, smart missile system, multi-tracker, target lock, disruption pod.
Hammerhead with Rail gun, smart missile system, multi-tracker, target lock, disruption pod
This gave me three ordnance templates for horde armies, smart missiles for ganging up on those must kill units and some tank killing with the fusion blasters and rail guns.

When I arrived I was stunned to find that out of ten players, There was three of us playing Tau and only one Ork! Doh! The rest of the players were MEQ's.

Game One

I got to play John and his Ultra Marines on a crowded city board. He had about 35 Marines, ten scouts with the special character (?), a Captain, two razorbacks and a lascannon razorback. The primary mission was to take/hold each other's objective and kill one model secretly recorded by our opponent for the secondary objective. I chose my BS5 Shas-el while John picked his heavy bolter marine (out of a squad of ten).

I won the roll to pick sides and go first, setting up my objective in the middle on the table edge. His was placed behind a building on my far left corner. My troops except the Kroot in reserve, were placed mostly on my left to go for his objective. John set up equally on his side of the board but mostly on my right to go for my objective. He was very good with setting up his lascannons and missile launchers. It seemed that around every corner there was a launcher aimed at my Hammer heads.

John was unable to steal the initiative and the tau started to attack at the left side while trying to fend off John's push on the right. All the razorbacks were quickly destroyed except for the weapon less lascannon razorback who raced forward for three turns to get to my objective while taking a pummelling from Rail gun and missile pod fire. It finally died to some rear shots and its passengers were quickly eliminated by my Kroot. On the left a lone marine charged Crisis squad Helios and I was forced to send in Crisis squad Firestorm to eliminate that pesky Marine as neither side could score a wound. In the end I was able to stun the Scouts in the building in front of his objective, then run squad Helios within 3" of the objective on one side of the building while a Hammerhead went within 3" on the other side of the building to also contest it. John couldn't remove either of these units and had advanced on my objective a little too haphazard to be a real threat. Minor Victory for the Tau.

Tau MVP - none really, they all worked well together. Only the Warfish, a few Kroot and a shield drone were destroyed.

Ultramarine MVP- The Lascannon razorback caused me the most headaches. Shows why you should always take extra armour!

Game two

This was a game versus Sean's Blood Angels on a forest board (which had a small 24" diameter clearing in the middle). Primary was control of three objectives, secondary was table quarters. Sean had three squads of five assault marines (troops!), Death company with Chaplain (all with jump packs), A squad with MG/Heavy bolter/Rhino, two dreads, Multi-melta bike, and a Multi-melta land speeder.

Sean won the roll to go first and placed two objectives near the top left corner was mine was in the near right side. He placed his units evenly across the board, while since I was going second, placed only the positional relay HQ out with a bodyguard of Kroot in the near left side, everything else was in reserve except Squad Firestorm was to deep strike.

I didn't bother with stealing the initiative, so Sean cautiously walked all his troops forward as he didn't really have any targets to shoot at. On turn two I brought in my other Kroot squad near my objective with the relay which Sean's Death company went closer too. When turn three arrived, all the units were able to come onto the board with a 3+ roll. I targeted his most dangerous units on my side of the board and did a lot of damage. One major item did happen in that his Death guard got a lovely 4+ cover save from all my Ap2 weapons, letting the Chaplain and two death guard survive. They promptly eliminated Squad Helios and again gunned down, only to lose one guard (damn they're tough). I charged the Kroot squad into the survivors and was lucky as out of nine attacks, only one Kroot was killed, but then out of my return forty two attacks, I only wounded the Chaplain once. Lucky for me that finally the numbers won in the next CC phase so that the Kroot could hold my objective. Over the next few turns I was able to destroy all the units on my side of the board and his vehicles. The Warfish advanced and held one of the Primary objectives that Sean held also in his quarter. Tau Major victory.

Tau MVP - Well, I would have to give it to the Positional Relay Shas-el for allowing my army to come on where and when needed. This was one of the most exciting games for me in a long time and I thought I was screwed right away but was able to snatch the victory in the very last turn.

Blood Angels MVP/Turkey- Definitely the Death guard, just one more CC causality to those Kroot would have given Sean the game (leadership roll for losing would have been on a six or less, ouch). Sure they didn't win but they also were my biggest threat and ate a lot of smart missile, fusion, and plasma fire without dying.

Game three

Another game versus Marines but now on the "top table". In this case it was James "Hands of the emperor" CSM with a loyalist/Tzeentch flavour. He had a Lord on a bike with Tzeentch daemon weapon, Land Raider with CSM squad of ten, Rhino with a squad of five CSM, a large CSM squad with 15 marines, and a possessed Vindicator.

The primary mission was kill points with the secondary being to get a unit within 6" of the opponents table edge. The terrain was a hilly scrub land full of tank traps and razor wire. James won the first turn roll and setup mostly in the center and right to race forward. I placed only the Relay Shas-el behind a hill so it couldn't be targeted. Everything else was in reserve with the Kroot outflanking and Squad Firestorm deep striking.
James advanced as fast as he could forward but rolled a one for his Vindicator moving 12" in difficult terrain. Doh! I played James in a few tournaments and for fun but somehow something bad always happens to one of his units (last time his land raider got stuck...). On turn two my army arrived, missed his vehicles, and had to but an obscene amount of firepower into his biker Lord to put him down. James kept moving forward but I was able to survive his anti-vehicle fire, destroy his remaining vehicles and all his squads except the Land Raider squad which made it into my deployment zone. Tau minor victory.

Tau MVP - Nobody really, every unit did its job.

Hands of the emperor MVP- His squad of ten CSM shoot/flamed one Kroot squad for James's only kill point, then denied me a major victory by reaching my board edge.

Nick really put on a great tournament and I was very happy to get best general with my Tau (just have to finish painting them...).


On a side note - Tau came first (beautiful paint job and a few wins ;D, third (me) and 8th.

Also I would like to say thanks to "Gonefishing" for making me try Ninja Tau for the first time, Thanks buddy

~Nice Battle Report, and welcome on the Boards! +1
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Default Re: RTT Tau at 1250 points battle reports

It sounds like that RTT was Power Armour Happy! Good to see 2 Tau Armies making it into the Top 3!

Glad Ninja Tau worked out so well for you and that you enjoyed it! - And welcome back to the nebulous principle that is the "Greater Good" :P

Well Played Sir!
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Default Re: RTT Tau at 1250 points battle reports

Thanks Gonefishing

Yes, there was six Marine/CSM, three Tau and the Ork player.

I actually wanted to play the Ork player.....

Thanks again for the Ninja Tau tactics.

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