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XV-8 question
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Kroot Shaper
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Default XV-8 question

In the 5Th edition on the tau codex, the XV-8 seem really useless. :-\
what i have been doing with my 3 XV-8's are making one a commander and having 2 body guards.
the commander is the only reason I'm keeping the XV-8's its pretty good with its BS, T and wounds but the body guards and regular Xv-8 are horrible. >
i have 3 fireknifes by the way. for taking out mid-ranged and deepstrikers.
i guess its just that with a BS of 3 on the bodyguards it doesn't really please me.

OK so my commander.
plasma rifle, missile pod, shield generator, iridium armor.
left bodyguard.
plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, stimulant injectors
right bodyguard.
plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, stimulant injectors

i just don't think that is a good combonation cause they always seem to die so easily and it takes up so many points that i could be spending on firewarriors or kroot. so i guess I'm asking if you guys think the 5Th edition tau XV-8 are good, and if my set up works well.
thank you ;D
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Default Re: XV-8 question

First of that combination you are using is both inefficient and illegal. You can't have 2 Stim Inj in your army. The iridium armour only slows your suits, so drop that. They also need HW Multi-tracker in order to fire all their weapons in the same turn. I would suggest using a HW Drone-controller on at least one suit and giving it 2 Shield drones.

The XV-8 is far from useless. Sure it isn't as good in 5th edition but they can still be used effectivelly. But you have to use drones to make them survive longer. I usually run Firestorms (BC/MP) and equipe my teamleader with a HW DC with 2 Shield drones. Drones are the best way to make your suits survive longer, they are even better then shields. Because if you fail that Inv save you only lose a drone not a suit + they both cost the same. So consider DC over Shield and if you want to take the shield you better already have those 2 drones ^-^.

You are correct that BS3 isn't great. Most will opt to use TL weapons on the normal crisis suits and multiple weapons an the bodyguard/commander. Because they (B/C) can take a targetting array and a HW Multi-tracker. But we aren't going to get BS4, well at least not in this lifetime (and maybe it's for the best).


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Default Re: XV-8 question

Markerlights are your BS 4 or 5. Also, if your suits aren't twin linked on one weapon, suc as classic fireknife-PR/MP/Multi, I wouldn't run a bodyguard at all, but attach your commander to a regular crisis squad. I do this only for killpoints, as the commander and his bodyguard are each separate KPs. For the same number of KPs, you might as well get another suit. This is one of my favorite reasons for running Farsight, as one killpoint is his seven crisis suit bodyguard.
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Default Re: XV-8 question


This thread could be of some help to you, I think it's a new approach that warrants a look-over.

I do not like the Fire-Knife in general so that might be where you are seeing a weakness in XV-8's. It really is quite a despicable multi-tasker. The AP's don't match up, and neither do the optimum ranges. If you want anti-DS, go Helios or something. Specialize every suit. Also, putting a TA on your Bodyguards can alleviate some of the frustration at BS 3. That's the only reason I'd bring 'vres.

If they die easily I'd rework my strategy, not say the unit is bad. Their dying quickly is actually an indicator of their effectiveness, your opponent (rightly) fears them as the mobile weapons platforms that they are.
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Default Re: XV-8 question

Originally Posted by megagnat1

OK so my commander.
plasma rifle, missile pod, shield generator, iridium armor. Hardwired multitracker
left bodyguard.
plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, Hardwired multitracker stimulant injectors
right bodyguard.
plasma rifle, missile pod, targeting array, Hardwired multitracker stimulant injectors
No wonder they were acting so poorly: you did not even have a fireknife suit. To be really efficient you need the (HW)multitracker ot fire everything at the same time, otherwise don't bother with 2 weapon.

The stiminjector should be on your HQ -if anyone- but if you do so, don't give him the Iridium armour (this wargear should be for monat, since it affect movement). In 4th the Iridium+Stiminjector was good, not so in 5th ed with the new rules about Ap2 and Ap1 weapon.

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Default Re: XV-8 question

you're using them wrong is the short answer.

Look, im a tau veteran, and a pretty good player if i can masage my ego here. I was one of the first to play mechanised tau way back at the start of 4th and i still do.

Now, i find crisis suits to be far better now than they were in 4th. you just have to use them right.

I was at the largest irish gaming con back in january (warpcon. go there next year people!!) and i took a list with 3 suqads of crisis suits, as well as my commander, and they were my best units. i was shocked at how well they performed. i really was. they did so much for me.

First up is loadout. give them a job. For myself, i placed my faith in my pathfinders doing a good job, so i went with fireknife suits (plasma, missile pods, multi trackers) with regular crisis suits, and hardwiring the MT and giving targetting arrays to my commanders and team leaders. i wanted dakka! Now i had one monat suit (deepstriking bob) who went out with a tl fusion blaster, and a missile pod and HW mt. but bob went into battle drunk and only knocked out a lascannon sponson in all 5 games.
but fireknife configs do wonders. the second favourite of mine is deathrain (tl missile pods)

I do not bother with any of the "experimental" stuff. its all gimmicky, useless and a steaming pile of what my dog makes on her daily walk... stick to cheap, effective weapon systems.

So second thing is pathfinders. in 1500pts always have a squad, as they make your crisis suits really shine.

third is how you use them. I favor the mobile bunker approach. skimmers block LOS in 5th edition, so i basically hid my crisis suits behind them for all the games. move the hammerhead/devilfish 12", move the suit 6", fire, and then scoot it behind the vehicle again. it allows crisis suits to be played very aggressively, and very up close and personal where their rapid fire can kick in. and thanks to LOS blockers, and clever movement/positioning, they were safe from assault.back in 4th, all you could do with suits was hide them behind therrain at the back of the board and jump out to fire missile pods. this has all changed with mobile bunker support.

Now believe me, these guys caused havok against necrons, and deathwing, did quite well against orks, and tore the backside out of a tyranid army by taking down loads of carnifexes and synapse creatures, as well as a bunch of genestealers just by focusing markerlights, negating cover saves, boosting bs and letting the crisis suits shine.
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