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Black templars
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Black templars

I had 2 games against black templars and lost both *, my guys can shoot insects, birds but never rhino's, land raiders and marines. So can any body give me any ideas how to beat him .

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Default Re: Black templars

Could you post a list of what you were using when he beat you to give us an idea of how you lost. what was the terrain like? open field? very forested? city?
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Default Re: Black templars

yeah some info would help
Tau wins 38 tie 2 lost 8

Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

dark eldar wins 5 tie 0 lost 1
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Default Re: Black templars

I play both armies, so I should be able to give you a few pointers.* Black Templars are a little broken, which is why they are slated for rerelease after Tyranids.* This will probably make most of what we tell you now superfluous in a few months anyway.

The only real weakness Black Templar have is that they can't take very many heavy weapons.* They can't take Devastators at all, and tactical squads are often configured as slow-moving assault squads.* I believe their regular assault squads are now a little more expensive than those from the new Space Marine codex.* This is intentional given their slightly higher effectiveness, and you should make sure your opponent is not trying to use the point values from the new Space Marine codex.

You should rejoice when facing a lot of tanks.* The Land Raider will not stand up to dedicated Railgun attention for very long, and any Rhinos will be evaporated.* Since much of the Templar's anti-tank weaponry is mounted on vehicles, make sure you have enough Railguns to win the arms race.* Your opponent will probably have some backup in the form of melta-guns and melta-bombs, so keep an eye out for them.* This is a case where you would be well-advised to insist on playing WYSIWYG or at least force your opponent to point out where such nasty surprises are hidden.

Most Black Templar players will be used to taking the "hit on a 3+" vow, which would of course be silly against Tau.* You have no psykers, so you should be expecting the "6+ open-air cover-save" vow.* It makes plasma rifles a little less effective than normal, but it shouldn't be a problem.* It will also mean your opponent won't bother trying to take cover in terrain, so Kroot should be able to infiltrate just about anywhere they want.

The Emperor's Champion is not too much of a problem for Tau, since he tends to be overkill and wastes points.* The other HQ will probably be a Chaplain.* He may have a jump-pack and if so, the unit he is leading should be your top-priority target.

In general, Fish of Fury is a poor tactic against Black Templar.* The trouble is that they fall forward when they fail morale checks for shooting casualties.* This means that they may be moving 2D6 towards you during your turn.* You need to keep this in mind whenever you are shooting at a large squad.* They are unbreakable in close-combat, so you will never get lucky and break them.

That is about all I can say without knowing what is in both armies.* My advice is to take advantage of the Black Templar's weaknesses in shooting by taking as much armor as possible.* Play defensively, but stay mobile enough to escape from fast-moving assault units or deep-striking terminators.
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