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Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar
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Default Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

I wanted some ideas on how to combat the general dark eldar tactics of rushing foward with everything and getting into close combat with my Tau. Any ideas on how to beat this?
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Default Re: Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

I have only limited experience with Dark Eldar; but from what I know, I can give you following advice:

1) You cannot attack waht isn't on the tabletop: Keep your units in reserve. Dark Eldar are good at one thing - beating stuff up in CC. They are the literal glass cannons - even our basic weapon can easily punch through their vehicles. When your units enter from reserves, you can enter them where the threat is minimal, and you also get the first shot at their units (which should be the only one you need).

2) Deathrains are your friend: TL MPs with TAs are pure gold against Dark Eldar - even moreso than against normal Eldar. They punch through DE vehicles, mow down infantry and can even tackle the mighty Talos.

3) Kroot can be used to slow down charging units of Dark Eldar. Don't have any illusions - once in CC, Kroot stand no chance against those ruthless killers (many attacks at High I, medium S... ideal to kill Kroot).

That's all I can think of at the moment.

Good luck Shas`El

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Default Re: Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

DE are damn quick. Never forget this. Their armour is usually paper think in range and near impossible in CC...so dont get in CC with them.

First you need to deal with those pesky Raider and Ravager...especially the ravager with the damned darklance that instantkill. Everything you own can hurt it IIRC (at least the Raider) and for more fun use broadside against those vehicule...instant penetration since DE vehicule are paper-thing.

ROF: You want to pepper them with a high rate of fire to reduce them and force them to fall back. Firestorm is a good suit, deathrain too a metric ton or kroot and fire warrior too. forget about AP2 and AP1. You want lots of firepower.

Be wary or wyche...they are really nnasty in CC so don't allow threm to come close. DE warriors with dark lance are also annoying so you need ot also deal with them.
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Default Re: Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

Another thing, they will rely on cover between buildings, so use your good old friend the SMS or the Markerlights.
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Default Re: Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

Don't infiltrate your Kroot, use them as 10 man meat shields against close combat (4 man gun drone teams work too). Also, take a lot of Deathrains with either flamers or targeting arrays. Also, mount all your fire warrior teams and keep them in reserves if you opponent has a lot of vehicles (all of them have a S8 AP2 Lance weaponry, even the transports). You really don't need heavy support against Dark Eldar as they don't have any heavy vehicles (and all the S8 AP2 lances would easily kill any broadsides or hammerheads you took). In my opinion, the best commander setup versus dark eldar is:
'El with AFP, CIB, Missile pods, HW- multi tracker, and stims.
If you are fighting armor 5+, use the AFP and CIB. armor 4+, CIB and Missile pods, and if you are facing their few armor 3+ units, hope they roll 2's.

Other than that, load up on deathrains, mounted fire warrior squads, and kroot and you should be fine. Just don't get in CC with anything other than the kroot, as it will result in your defeat.
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Default Re: Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

Dark eldar are one of the few times, sniper teams would be a good choice. They have decent range, a marklight and pinn. Also they will insta-gib and cut through most dark eldar with ease. As for the snipers teams being static, it will give you a lure to get them to go where you want them to go and don't forget about the stealth feild. Granted this is theory, I have never faced Dark Eldar, but the stat-line comparison suggests it is sound. Good luck!
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Default Re: Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

Against Dark Eldar, you don't need anything high powered like Railguns or Seeker Missiles, Fusion Blasters or Rail Rifles. Just max out your pulse shots with rifles+burst cannons, throw in some missile pods and smart missile systems, and then add in some Kroot mobs for good measure. They really shouldn't give you that much of a problem.

They're fast, yes, but you outgun and outlast any of their units.

Just be wary, they CAN assault out of their skimmers.
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Default Re: Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

These guys will only become deadlier with their new codex coming soon...

What ever you decide to do, just make sure you have plenty of shots and different units.

Do not worry about Kill Points, go all out on units. The idea is to outnumber them, and wipe them from the board ASAP. Since they have paper for armor, they will drop quickly, but since they are so fast they can often get into CC in one turn.

This is one time when you want first turn, no matter what.

Anything that gets into CC needs to die that assault turn, so do not bother with defensive upgrades on your units (other than skimmers).
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Default Re: Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

I might suggest Piranhas with Fusion guns and flechete dischargers. although considering the "paper armour, perhaps the burst cannon might work... anyway...

You have the piranhas whizz up the side and smash anything carrying a Darklance. Then, if they try to assault your piranhas in response... The flechetes go off. And with the paper armour, you'll kill nearly half of them before they hit you. Could be very painful. And i might suggest target locks on any vehicles to help with that. Five piranhas stripping three tanks is more efficient than five owning one.
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Default Re: Need a good way to beat Dark Eldar

A dark Eldar player actually showed up at the last monthly tournament in my game shop I play at. I sadly never got to play against him, but got to talk with him and the opponents he faced. You want to get under there skin, just play necron with 3 monoliths :P. All joking aside, range is where you need to keep him, and as horde like as you can get in terms of shooting.
As stated before (and this is from an observation standpoint) using large amounts of our standard firepower can be affective. As all there armor values are on vehicles are 10 and 11, not very hard to wreck up there very utilized transports. And once those are gone, its very easy to bring on the pain against there cardboard wearing soldiers.
You can literally take anything against them, but I'd suggest always attempt to go first, and as long as they don't seize the initiative you should have plenty of shots heading there way.
Lastly, if you have it, just max out your troops choices with kroot!!! It's hard for anybody to survive a kroot horde army, the amount of dakka dakka and choppy choppy is insane!!!
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