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Chaos Deamons
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Default Chaos Deamons

Well seems I have a small (1400pts) battle tomorrow against a deamon army. Don't know much about them except I believe they enter battle via deepstrike and I believe that they are fairly susceptible to our pulse fire. My plan is to try to go with a Mech approach moving and shooting to keep from close combat. Is there anybody with experience against these deamons who could shed some light about these guys?
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Default Re: Chaos Deamons

I don't know a huge amount about daemon armies, just watch out for the ever present invulnerable saves.
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Default Re: Chaos Deamons

I've never fought a demon army, but I do know that every model will have an invulnerable save. I don't know what save, though - probably 4+ or 5+, so not too bad.

One tactic you could do is to spread out your troops as much as possible and spread out terrain - this means that if he deep strikes, he may scatter onto you/terrain and be at risk of losing his unit.

I THINK that it works in the same way a a drop pod assault in that half of his guys deep strike and half walk on, but I don't know
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Default Re: Chaos Deamons

I'd sugest reading this topic first. I posted some tactics you can use there. If you have any specific furter questions after that please ask me. I've faced them before and they can be quite a chalange.


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