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Daemonhunters vs Tau
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Old 04 Jun 2005, 17:30   #11 (permalink)
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Default Re: Daemonhunters vs Tau

Couple of things.

1. Thanks to everyone for the advice. I was worried about the GKs but not anymore (mind you I will be cautious)

2. I want a mech Tau army but I don't have the cash for a devilfish yet.

3. I thought all crisis suits could hardwire, so I guess I only have two shield drones, lol.

Thanks again

Everyone is normal until you get to know them!

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Default Re: Daemonhunters vs Tau

One other thing: Don't underestimate the Shrouding when you are considering effective weapon ranges. It gives you a better deal than night-fighting, but it can be a severe pain if you forget about it. The average spotting range will be somewhere around 30", so make sure your Hammerheads don't try to snipe at them from too far away.
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Default Re: Daemonhunters vs Tau

Originally Posted by Aquila_XV8
Korik1, I have two words for you: Mech Tau!! read this http://www-personal.engin.umich.edu/~leebj/index.html, It will solve all your problems.

OTP: Ahh, another satisifed Mecha Customer! ^-^
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Old 05 Jun 2005, 04:27   #14 (permalink)
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Default Re: Daemonhunters vs Tau

Well the battle has come and gone. I actually played two battles. The first was 27 Daemonhunters vs. my posted Tau army without any modifications. I know I disregarded your guys advice but I didn't have the models for it, and I was too lazy to change my army list much. Anyways, the first match was a massacre. He beat me by about 600 pts. my hammerhead did nothing. It kept getting shaken by his dreadnought. He did manage to roll double ones on one squads deep strike so they were gone. But when he did get his other 2 squads on the board, my fire warrior squad that I had attached Aun'shi to were stuck between his command squad and his grey knights. they got shot up. I assaulted his grey knight squad with 4 FW and Aun'shi and almost beat him, but his last guy got a lucky hit on Aun'shi's last wound (and he was the last guy). My crisis suits couldn't get far enough away and got assaulted by his command squad. The command squad then followed through by destroying my hammerhead, and a stealth suit squad. my other stealth suit squad tried taking out his dreadnought from behind but wound up getting assaulted. needles to say they were smashed. At the end of the 6 turns all that was left was one FW squad that hadn't been touched. Bad commanding on my part, and bad luck (damn Hammerhead).

The next battle was Tau vs. Tau and one grey knight squad vs. Space Marines. I was actually doing ok but then the space marine command squad got annhilated by the other Tau player, giving him a 400 pt lead. Also my Hammerhead got neutered pretty fast from a lascanon. No Railgun for me.

Despite losing terribly both battles I had a lot of fun.

Everyone is normal until you get to know them!

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Default Re: Daemonhunters vs Tau

wow sound like u need to guess Little better with your troops so u wont get to close to get assaulted 18" is more then enough to shot at them and then jump back 6" more same with crisis 24 " come on man
Tau wins 38 tie 2 lost 8

Death Guard win 13 tie 0 lost 2

dark eldar wins 5 tie 0 lost 1
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Default Re: Daemonhunters vs Tau


In the future, remember - Missile Pods and Crisis Suits are absolutely what you want against a Dreadnought + Infantry Grey Knight army, you can keep range and beat shrouding without problems and you can rock dreadnoughts with missile pods, that way you don't lose your suits (a suit with 2 drones can take the lascannon/missile launcher hit and be fine). Three suits like that and he has no more long range attack, leaving your hammerhead ion cannon/or rail submunition to beat down his slow marines.

In the future - know that double 1's on a deep strike does not kill the deep strike team. That's an old rule from 3rd edition, and no longer exists in 4th edition (unless you were playing by third edition rules?).

Anyhow - take the advise from everyone in this thread and read it a few times before your next battle You will prevail!

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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: Daemonhunters vs Tau

Note: Photon Grenades will not help against GKs, as they have True Grits, which gives them +1A, but no bonus for charging. They are only useful against Termies, which for some reason do not have True Grits.
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