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human fire warriors
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Kroot Warrior
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Default human fire warriors

i was wondering if u could use humans as fire warriors if you used tau bodies, arms, and helmets, and human legs and heads. but i want them to have the same stats as regular fire warriors, not human aux.
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Default Re: human fire warriors

if you dont mind using the torsos, the humans are customizable to an extent. Heck you could build the firewarriors and replace their legs with catachan or cadian parts.

Since the tau protect vital points more, it wouldnt be a hard justification. Likewise the pulserifles and carbines arent hard to get on, you just need the right hand combinations and some creativity.
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Default Re: human fire warriors

Conversions are yours to make, and so long as you're not mixing and matching rules while staying consistent, I can't imagine someone having THAT much of a problem with it.

Human with Fire Warrior stats? Sure, so long as they aren't being used in an IG army.

I've heard of people using IG rules to field an army entirely modeled with Gretchin, and I think that'd be fun and entertaining to play against.

How this flies in Tournaments, well... that's up to the organizer.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: human fire warriors

i say there nothing stoping you but Some of the larger human models wont fit on the fw torso, so... ???
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Default Re: human fire warriors

I've got a squad, actually. They look damn good. No one has a problem with it, in fact I usually use them as a lure when fighting Imperial players, they seem to want to kill that squad more than my others for some reason ;D

Take Cadians, shave off the eagles on their helmets and body armor, give them Fire Warrior arms w/ the Pulse Rifle, give them the shoulder guard, and presto. My squad has a bunch of backpacks with smoke grenades and knifes and things but thats just them. When you're painting them just make sure to paint the hands a human flesh tone, most people won't notice they only have four fingers ^_-

I'll get around to posting a pic of my squad tomorrow after work
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Default Re: human fire warriors

taugundrone, why did you have the same avatar and quote as me?? i just had to change both now, thank you very much.

no problems with conversions. i convert all my fire warriors with IG torsos and upper arms. they're still tau, but i'd have no problem with you gluing a human head on a tau body. so long as it looks like a fire warrior, and follows the same rules as a fire warrior, its good.
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: human fire warriors

Sounds ok to me. There's another question like this in the nids section. If you where playing me it would be fine. I'm sure most people would accept these conversions as long as there was a way of defining them as Tau.
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Default Re: human fire warriors

I don't think anyone would have a problem with this - Tau and humans have nearly identical stats, and the lower WS and I can easily be justified as "lack of CC training".

Basically, I had the same idea, only with Marine scouts (very BUFF Firewarriors!), and not using any FW-parts, but filing off all Imperial symbols and painting them in the colour scheme of my army. Nevertheless, Cadians are probably your best bet (or Elysians, since they have a certain High-Tech look on them, though converting them to carry Pulse weaponry could be.... difficult).

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Default Re: human fire warriors

Here's mine- old piture, before they were finished, but you get the idea.

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