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imperial auxilary links? how to make them?
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Kroot Shaper
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Default imperial auxilary links? how to make them?

Does anyone know how to make imperial auxilarys or does anyone know any links on how? And are they good in a tau army? DO you guys have any other info on them?
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Default Re: imperial auxilary links? how to make them?

Right here are the conversions:


Here's the rules:


I have 12, haven't used them in a game yet. I choose the hard road and used Tau models with Cadian hands and boots. I can't wait to use them because one is modeled in an interesting pose.
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Default Re: imperial auxilary links? how to make them?

A common tactic with them is to give a small squad EMP grenades...then go up and surprise a tank! However looking at probabilities, this is doubtful (especially versus skimmers). And furthermore with 5+ armour and toughness 3, most commanders won't ignore these when they are just about to assault his tank!

Don't let me put you off though, they may well be worth a try, there is always the possibility thery will be underestimated and disregarded until it is too late!

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Default Re: imperial auxilary links? how to make them?

I used to have Human Aux's in my 1500pt list until I need some more points...they got the boot! :-\ But they make a stronger comeback in my future Human Auxillery army using the Imperial Guard rules, no Tau rules what-so-ever (but that'll be in a couple of years though...it'll be pretty expensive...) :P

Anyways, Human Aux's must be used very carefully, especially smaller squads that are getting to close to a tank. Most commanders just use them as canon fodder; which in my mind is a waste...*sniff* poor humans.

When used correctly Human's can save the day with a well placed EMP; this is the most common usage for the Aux's...living death! ^-^
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Default Re: imperial auxilary links? how to make them?

I use one Human Auxilliary, but I created the fluff behind them (and as such...the rules for them as well).

Info and pictures of the conversions can be found here: Hawk Squadron
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