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My Commander.
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Default My Commander.

Is it a good idea or not.
w/Cyclic ion Blaster
w/Positional Relay
w/Fusion Blaster
w/H-W Drone Controller
w/H-W Target Lock
w/H-W Multi-Tracker
w/Shield Drone
and last thing w/Stimulant Injector
Total pts:154
Tell me what you think about it tell me what I need and what is do not need. And if you can not say something nice about it then dont say anything at all. Say something bad about it in a nice way NOT a DBAG WAY.
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Default Re: My Commander.

As said in chat remove every individual points...big breach of forum rules.

What roll do you want to give him? Currently with a CIB and Fusion you have contradictory roles. Namely Horde hunting and Tank hunting. That's without counting the fact that Fusion is half the range of the CIB, so most of the time your multitracker will be useless...because you do not want to be so close to your oppponent.

If you want to send him aganist MEQ, then I would recommand you switch the fusion for a plasma rifle... not as powerful, however the CIB and plasma have the same range so you can always use the multitracker and at half range you get 1 extra attack...it's a bit more expensive but well worth it IMO.

If you want to use him to bring people in with the positional relay, then drop the Stim injector and give him a second shield drone, or drop the shield drone, hide him in cover and use the cover save instead...this is more likely to increase his lifespan.

But again I'm not quite sure of the role you are trying ot give him, so hard to say if it's good bad or neutral.

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Default Re: My Commander.

It looks to me that you are trying to combine to very popular HQ roles. Pos Relay carrying and TEQ hunting. This is not a good idea as the Pos Relay should stay as far away from the enemy as possible. With that in mind, I would suggest one of the following to setups.
'El with pos relay, missile pod, shield generator, stims, drone controller, and 2 shield drones
'El with CIB, plasma rifle, targeting array, stims, drone controller, and 2 shield drones.
Or you could take both. The point is, it isn't a good idea to combine such incompatible roles on such a valuable suit.
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Default Re: My Commander.

i moved my relay to the missle team i have floating around in the background, this lets me also drop in my commander and get him closer to the marines he hunts >

i would agree that you should focus on one roll for your commander, try looking through this, at the bottom of each part it sums up what is the best "by the numbers" unit for everything http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=65022.0
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Default Re: My Commander.

I don't understand the positional relay thing.


I can still help you.

Drop the target lock. And replace the FB with a PR, unless tank hunting is really important to you.

Everything else... well, it isn't my style, but if it is your style, then that is the best way to do it.
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