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commanders bodyguard?
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Default commanders bodyguard?

ok, my commander is a 'el with plas, cyclic ion, and a shield gen. he also gets a pair of shield drones on occasion. im not sure what i should use for his bodyguard. i want to use a relay on him but thats all i can decide on for sure, any ideas?
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Default Re: commanders bodyguard?

Generally you want a squad to have similar equipment so I would go with TL plasma rifles and whatever else you want. The important thing is to identify what the role of the squad will be in your army and then stick to that.
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Default Re: commanders bodyguard?

I would recommend a Helio+ (fusion cannon, plasma rifle, targeting array, HW-multi tracker) or if you wanted a bit more durability, a Burning eye (twin plasma rifles) with the third hardpoint being a shield generator. Another option would be a Bladestorm (plasma rifle + burst cannon) bodyguard, if you were planning to stay a bit farther away from the enemy.
You want to use your Relay on the bodyguard? Bad idea. After all, an Aurora (you current setup) functions best at close range. If you want to take a positional relay, put it on a Monat 'Vre given a missile pod and shield generator.
Lastly, it may be a good idea to either drop your shield generator for a targeting array, or upgrade your commander to an O' as both the plasma rifle and CIB benefit greatly from BS5.
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