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Damocles: Dal'yth Prime Mission Ideas
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Default Damocles: Dal'yth Prime Mission Ideas

My friend Steve wants to play a huge game using all of his Marines, but we don't want to play apocolypse because its garbage. So we're probably just going to play a 2.5 or 3k game with normal force org and all that.

Anyway, we're trying to think of a cool idea for a mission, I suggested it could be the battle for Dal'yth Prime during the Damocles Crusade, when the Imperials Landed near a Tau city and the Tau had to buy time for the inhabitants to evacuate to safety.

What should I do rules wise for this mission to represent the battle? I was thinking 'Breakthrough' from the old 4th ed rulebook, on page 212. And if you want to read up on the Dal'yth conflict I think it can be found in the first Tau codex. Operation Hydra and all that.
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Default Re: Damocles: Dal'yth Prime Mission Ideas

You could do something like x amount of units/points must be inside the Tau deployment zone by the end of the game, or alternatively the other could be the marine must move x amount of units/points off of the Tau edge by the end of the game.

The difference between the 2 is that once the Marines are off of the Table they are for all intents and purposes no longer in action. I could see the off of the table option being better for something like Nid's and Orks's and claim that when somethings off they can come back on the owning players side as part of a new horde. Would make an interesting Hold off sort of mission
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