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Looking to Expand my Tau
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Default Looking to Expand my Tau

Hello all. New here, first post outside of the "introduce yourself" board.

I'm currently fielding quite a bit of Tau, but seem to find myself outmatched at every turn by my Space Marine, Chaos Space Marine, and Ork opponents.

We're playing 1,000 point matches here, and I have:
1x XV8 Commander
3X XV8 Crisis Suits
2x Fire Warrior Teams (12)
1x Kroot Carnivore Squad (12)
1x Piranha
3x XV25 Stealth Suits
1x XV88 Broadside
2x Devilfish APCs
8x Pathfinders
1x Railhead
And loads of Gun Drones

Granted, all of this isn't fieldable, but it's what's in the stable, so to speak.

I think I'd like to go MechTau, but I do not know enough about it to know if it would be effective against the above opponents. The boards we play on are often littered with terrain, limiting effectiveness of my shots and allowing all sorts of nasty things to run right through to my poor Fire Warriors.

Basically what I'm asking is; If I wanted to go MechTau, what else would I need to acquire to run that successfully, and would it be effective against those opponents?
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Default Re: Looking to Expand my Tau

Pure MechTau requires that all units be allowed to move up to 12 inches a turn and still fire. Foot-sloggers that can't do this must have their own dedicated transport. Basically, this means no kroot, sniper teams, or broadsides; and generally no pathfinders. Since I just listed three of my favorite units, many people (including me) play more of a hybrid list.

With the units you've listed you could do a lot of things. Definitely give a could of those drones (as shield drones) to the broadside, and probably two more to the commander. If you have enough, giving two gun drones to each stealth suit is also a good idea. The kroot squad is kinda light, as they need to attack in large numbers to be effective, and it wouldn't be a bad idea to invest in some kroot hounds if you're going against a couple of types of Marine. (Kroot hounds swing before Marines do in close combat.) Other than that, work out the units as you like them, but save the crisis suits for last. Crisis suits can be configured to do anything, so look at what the rest of your models CAN'T do and load out your crisis team to do that.
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