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Default juggernaut+XV88

Hi there!

Been a long time and I was searching again for your opinions regarding the following:

Wich is the best configuration for a XV88 team?

and, It is wise to field them with a Shas´O with IA?

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Default Re: juggernaut+XV88

With XV88's, there are three main configurations.
Mobility, Broadside with A.S.S.
Power, Broadside with Targeting array
Anti TEQ, broadside with plasma rifles and Multi tracker (can be combined with one of the above configurations on a team leader).
I personally prefer a Mobility 2 man team, with a team leader wielding plasma rifles and a HW-multi tracker

As to the juggernaught, I like to run it as an Aurora (CIB+plasma rifle) with the third haredpoint being a shield generator. Out of all our configurations, it is the one that benefits most from BS5 and its close engagement range (12"-18") ensure it to receive return fire.

*edit sorry, I think I misunderstood your second question. A viable tactic is to put a 'O with a positional relay, shield generator, missile pod, stims, iridium armor, and 2 shield drones with your broadsides. The broadsides and shield drones can mop up fire that would otherwise hit the commander.
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Default Re: juggernaut+XV88

Out of all of the IA3 Command Suits the Networked Marker one is probably the best one to have. The give him some shrt ranged weapons so if something decides to try and get into Assult range they will be flaked to hell and back.

I personally perfer the T.A. To many times has my T/L failed me at important points in the game....(bloody Assult Termies with SS in a Redeemer :'()
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Default Re: juggernaut+XV88

Thank guys!!!

There´s a lot of marines (therefore active Termies) in the area, so I think that plasma rifles shall be the option. Regarding the commander I for see that a Shas´O would be equipped with an XV88 armour for the next ´dex (and taking Shas´Vre guards in same armour type)... say I´m testing now, even is completely "legal", but for the weapon options (Shas´O with Iridium Armour joins an XV88 team with A.S.S., everyone moves and saves equaly).

But the idea of a commander on a special from IA3 is a good one (that way you could fire like 16 shots from S.M.S. if you field the O with the proper armour).

Do you think that would be usefull to equip a commander with an XV88 suit?

Do you think that railrifles would be an option for XV8 suit in the future?
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