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Eldar and Imperial guard strats for the greater good?
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Default Eldar and Imperial guard strats for the greater good?

Does anyone have any tips for facing eldar and/or imperial guard: As in necessary units and weapons to take, or overall strategies? thanks
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Default Re: Eldar and Imperial guard strats for the greater good?

Against the Imperial Guard
Fire Warriors; they already have Str 5 AP5 Weapons which can easily wound a Guardsmen and penetrate his Armor outright and even if they're in cover, you will be still causing considerable casualties. And it would be better if they were mounted on a Devilfish since going Gunline-to-Gunline with the Guard is not a very good idea especially when the Guard are noted as Gunline Specialists.

Devilfish; Warfishes can be a very effective Infantry-Fighting Vehicle. This is very useful when there's loads of Guardsmen and your Fire Warriors can only kill so many Guardsmen. And your Decoy Launchers makes your Devilfishes quite durable against long range weaponry which is the specialty of the Guard. I like the Smart Missile System rather the Pulse Carbine-armed Gun Drones because of the number of shots it can dish out.

Pathfinders; One of the signature gimmick of the Tau; these guys are great for negating Cover Save which the Guard loves so much. Use them to negate Cover Save for those threats especially Leman Russes, Officers, Heavy Weapons Support Squad etc. And since your Pathfinders are busy lighting up targets and you got an extra Devilfish on hand, use that Devilfish to support your other Devilfishes.

Crisis Suits; Mostly Anti-GEQ and Anti-Tank stuff. Fireknives might work here as you have tons of Str 5 Weapons all around already. Maybe a Fusion Blaster if you want to Deep-Strike your Crisis Suits so you can the side or even the rear armor of a Leman Russ. Your Special Issue Weapons (There are 2 of them IIRC) are very nice Anti-GEQ Weapons so get them on your Commander if you can.

Stealthsuits; arming them with Burst Cannon is sufficient. Outflank with them and you will be poking a very sharp thorn at your opponent's side. Your Burst Cannon can easily mow down Guardsmen as well as harassing their vehicles.

Kroots; Preferably without the Krootox so you can Outflank them with your Stealthsuits. Kroot Hounds are optional since it doesn't take much to kill Guardsmen. Remember; their Lasguns can kill your Kroots if it successfully wound them unless you give the Armor upgrade which is not recommended. Keep them cheap. Stick to cover and harass their Gunline by either shooting at their Heavy Weapons or assaulting them. Either way, it will cause panic for your opponent. He will divert some firepower towards your Kroots, giving your other units time to move into position for the killing blow.

Hammerheads; Highly recommended as it have the Submunition Shot. I mean come on; you can probably wipe out his Armor by Turn 3 and a Large Blast Template is a good change after disabling his Armor. Hammerheads is more favorable than Broadsides against the Guard especially those incorporating a huge number of Guardsmen fighting along side Armored Support.

Hope this helps Of course, this is all assuming that he's playing a Standard Guard Army (100+ Guardsmen + 3 Leman Russes + Support Units).
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Default Re: Eldar and Imperial guard strats for the greater good?

Against Guard I recommend the following:

-Hammerhead and Broadsides (make sure you have enough tank busters)
-Pathfinders to increase BS and remove cover saves (guard infantry can buy cameleoline [+1 to cover saves] it's a pain)
-Stealth suits (deep strike, infiltrate or outflank) position them such that you remove the guards cover save
-bring crisis suits with missile pods to take out transports (or tough models)
-put a target lock on your hammerhead (so you can shoot each weapon at a seperate enemy unit)
-SMS is your friend as it ignores LOS cover saves

Be sure to take out lascannons and missle launchers first as they can instant kill your suits and the lascannon ignores your armour save
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Default Re: Eldar and Imperial guard strats for the greater good?

Eldar are Tricky...I myself have never beaten Eldar, but I can tell you what I have learned.

Pathfinders: Eldar gaurdians tend to take warlocks with conceal to give them a 5+ cover save...perfect for removing.

HammerHeads: They will be hard pressed by this...but take the Ion cannon, Their vehicle upgrades will be the bane of your existence...their vehicles are hard to destroy, keep that in mind

Beware of their assault specialist! Mainly Banshees and Scorpions.

Try to have units that are menouvrable, make their speed useless.
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Default Re: Eldar and Imperial guard strats for the greater good?

Against Eldar: Hammerheads and Deathrains
Against Imperial Guard (infantry): Hammerheads and Firestorms
Against Imperial Guard (tank): Broadsides and Firesurges
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