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Kroot Shaper
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Default chessy?

Is 15 pirhanas chessey? I would not thinks so . crapy armor and is open topped
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Default Re: chessy?

with ML's and Fusion blasters, i'd say they could be a force to be reconed with, because you can wipe out a marine unit a turn with them, but not over powered due to both the uncombersome size of 15 of them, and the very thin skinned. also IIRC to have markerlights with 15 of them you'd need some source other than pathfinders as they'd use up all the fast attack slots. No, I'd say nine broadsides are much cheesier than 15 piranhas
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Re: chessy?

na not too cheesy, but it would give me a fright when i saw that many...of coarse my rolling always fails me vs tanks (or just armored vehicles in general).

combine it with some Battle suites and a couple devil fish with FW and could make a pretty flexible list.
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Default Re: chessy?

It would be good, you'd need to think about scoring units though, and your lack of them. 15 Piranhas would only see action in a 2k-2500 I think.

Try out 6, two squads of 3 or 3 squads of 2, see how that works for you.
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Default Re: chessy?

Not cheesy at all.

For that many points you'll find a lot more useful units available to Tau.

Heck, 900 ish points would net you all of your Heavies and some Elites any of which that could take out more than their fair share of piranha. (Think 9 TA equipped XV88's or something similarly goofy).

I just can't see any scenario in 5th where massed Piranha could be called cheesy. Ehh, actually their is one scenario (Grot armies), but then again, every other army could be said to be overpowered against the grot army.

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