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New to the Tau - need help building a force!
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Default New to the Tau - need help building a force!


So as you have most likely guessed I'm new here and to the Tau Empire (and WH40k altogether). I ordered a Tau Battleforce, a Kroot Shaper and a Pathfinder + Railrifles. I'm thinking, until I paint these guys I won't be getting anything else (perhaps a Hammerhead next).

I need your help to put an effective force together that doesn't need to use all pieces (although it can if need be) that puts the low points to it's advantage. Basically I want to be able to use my compact force while limiting the enemy to a similar point number so it's a fair fight. I also want to sort of know what I should paint first.

What I need you guys to help me with is: Unit selection and tactics (also addons for units etc - whats a waste of points?). I don't know a thing about the game. I've read the codex and I'm looking through the rulebook at the moment.

I look forward to your input.

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Default Re: New to the Tau - need help building a force!

Well, one small thing to consider is that the Sky Ray box set is a better buy than the Hammerhead box.

It comes with all the bits needed to make the Hammerhead, but also comes with the Sky Ray sprues (obviously) which you can use for other projects!

If you're new to the game, I'd focus on building your basics first. You need to assemble one HQ and Two troops at the minimum.

One of the popular builds for a low-points game commander is a Shas'El with Plasma Rifle, Cyclic Ion Blaster, Targeting Array and a Hard-Wired Multi tracker.

It comes in at a nice round 100 pts. Another popular build for the leaders is replacing the CiB with a Fusion blaster. This is slightly cheaper overall and still provides some good killing power (and a better punch against armored units). He only sets you back 97 points too.

Troops are a very personal choice. Some people go very heavy on Kroot and minimize the Fire Warrior numbers. Some, like me, have a moderate amount of both. The last group usually has a higher ratio of Firewarriors.
One thing that seems unanimously decided is to not mix Firewarrior weapons. Either go all rifle or all carbine. Generally rifles are used more since they can fire at longer ranges while standing still, but up close they can unleash a veritable torrent of firepower.

Since Fifth edition forces an army to invest in troops, I'd suggest reading a tactica on troop importance.

Your elites are another area where people have differing opinions. Popular builds include Plasma/Missile Pod + Burst Cannons and a MT for cheap and versatile units. One of the more expensive units that sacrifices efficiency for versatility is the Missile Pod + Plasma Rifle (and Multi Tracker) group. This configuration is one that GW seems to like pushing too. I'm a fan of the Twin Linked Missile pod crisis suits (I use a Targeting Array for the last hard point). Again a sort of halfway between expensive and cheap Elite crisis suits... I find the accurate fire to make it's points back most of the time.

One thing to remember is to not stack every upgrade you can on a unit. It might sound nice, but our Crisis suits are very vulnerable in the current rules. Unfortunately you'll have to rely on them for most of your mid-strength and low(er) ap weapons.

Fast Attack usually gets a number of Pathfinders. Markerlight use is varied depending on army type, but it's worth it to note that you can use their mandatory Devilfish with other units (Because Fifth edition has lifted some restrictions on transports).

Well, welcome to the Hobby and the Tau. Play a few games with the "starter" group (HQ + 2 troops) and decide from their if you want to build an army around a mobile (Mech) or stationary (static). The options are also available to you to design a list based on a fusion of both tactics (Hybrid).

An offshoot of Hybrid Lists is the recently emerged "Ninja" Tau. Search around a little on the Tau board and you should find the basics stated over and over again by GoneFishing in a variety of threads.

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