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Army suggestions
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Default Army suggestions

Hey all!

Im gearing up for my first tabletop battle with Tau. Its not in a pro comp, just versing my girlfriends brother.

He collects IG and has a fair army

1 squad of Kaskrins
1 Chimera
1 Basilisk
1 Sniper Tea
1 Leman Russ
1 HQ Squad
Couple of Sentinels
And a lot of guardsmen

Now for my list(not much of it, but anyway)

1 Shas'o suit with bodyguards (2)
3 Stealthsuits
1 Ethereal
3 squads of Fire Warriors
12 Kroot
1 Devilfish
1 Pathfinder Team
1 Hammerhead
1 Piranha
And the asscoiated Gun Drones (18 or so)

He's a serious Gunslinger, so chances are he'll throw his heavy stuff at me. Now he hasn't versed a Tau army before, so if anyone has any tips to blow him away, I'd be happy to hear them.
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Default Re: Army suggestions

I would try to proxy the devilfish as a second hammerhead. Also, use your pirhana team to kill his basilisks as they will most likely be out of LOS to your hammerheads. I wouldn't really recommend using pathfinders versus guard. Additionaly, I would recommend making your bodyguard into regular crisis suit 'ui Firestorms and your commander an 'El with a Fusion cannon, missile pod, targeting array, and HW-multi tracker (stims and shield drones could be useful as well. Lastly, taking a Stealth marker team (each stealth suit gets a drone controller and 1 marker drone and the team leader gets a markerlight, they can move and shoot due to relentless) might be a good idea if you put seeker missiles on your vehicles.
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