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Battle Report - First Game - Tau v Marines
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Default Battle Report - First Game - Tau v Marines

So today I got to play my first game with Tau, against the AoBR Space Marines.

Lists were:
XV8 Shas'O with plasma, fusion blaster
12 fire warriors, 'ui, markerlight
16 kroot + shaper + armor save
6 gun drones
XV8 deathrain

Space Marines:
Tactical Squad (split in two)
Terminator Squad (split in two)

The terrain consisted of some stuff in the middle of the table, pushing everything into a single choke point on the left side. The middle was a pack of red bull, which the dread and crisis suits could shoot through. Point of the game was just kill everything. The game was also not really official, since we're still new to the game, and we disregarded armor piercing except against the dread, and we forgot leadership rolls after a while.

So game started, he sticks back with half of his marine squad, lobbing rockets at my kroot. I use my deathrain to keep shooting at his dread, and my gun drones hold the choke point by taking out a bunch of terminators. I start advancing on the choke point, taking out his dread with a single fusion blast from my Shas'O. I'm losing lots of kroot, but my fire warriors' markerlight is actually helping them out a lot, since the warriors are being stationary for now. Eventually, I get half his tactical marines in combat with the kroot, until it's just his sergeant and my shaper, and when the shaper goes down, I pick off the sergeant with fire warriors. Then, he rushes at my Shas'O with a terminator and his captain, in a long, back and forth assault (keep in mind, by this point, we'd just forgotten all the assault rules and leadership tests and things), while I used a markerlight to help my deathrain blast the rocket marines with missile pods.

Eventually, his captain killed my Shas'O but was at 1 wound left, then went after my deathrain. After the deathrain got obliterated, he went after my last few fire warriors, and despite how close it was, I just barely lost.

Things I did right:
-Keep my tau using ranged weapons and missile pods and stuff
-Used my markerlight to make my kroot a whole lot better at shooting
-Fusion blaster!

Things I did wrong:
-Forgot about leadership rolls
-Don't crisis suits have jet packs or something?
-So many little rules and things

Sorry for the wall of text, but I had a lot of fun and I just wanted to tell everything :3 I can't wait to play again, with more troops!
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