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Bonding knives?
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Default Bonding knives?

commander with two shield drones, is a bonding knife a good idea or a waste of points?
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Default Re: Bonding knives?

If by himself, yes. Anything that could hurt him enough to make him run, is more than likely enough to kill him, even with Shield Drones.
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Default Re: Bonding knives?

It depends.

If you join him to another team it's a good idea. Alone it's a waste of point IMO. because by the time you are below 50% the commander stand alone.
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Default Re: Bonding knives?

The commander will revert to IC status when the shield drones die, so he doesn't have to be equiped with one. However, he can join other units and they will get the benefit of his bonding knife while he is part of the unit. So if you plan to have the commander join any other unit then yes it's worth it.

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Default Re: Bonding knives?

I find the bonding knife useless in most cases. I wouldn't put it on a commander because he's Leadership 10 and unlikely to run, and by the time he's below half strength he's an IC and can regroup. I don't put it on fire warriors because they usually fail their morale checks right before either falling back off the table or getting scattered by a sweeping advance. Bonding knives aren't much use on a 3-man crisis team because they're not below half strength until you're down to one suit, which might not even be the the command suit. The only place where I regularly use a bonding knife is on a stealth suit and gun drone team. Since the drones count for casualty purposes, they're fairly fragile, the team is Leadership 8, and they likely outflanked a ways from my side of the table, it's fairly likely that squad will fail a check, fall back, and still be both useful and still on the table.
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