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A new Tau player needs advice (on landing gear, battlesuits and more :))
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Default A new Tau player needs advice (on landing gear, battlesuits and more :))

I came to this vault of Tau knowledge searching for your advice, venerable Commanders...

I'm starting a Tau army from scratch, and before I put together my first models, I really need to get a better understanding of some basics. Please note that I'm completely new to the Tau, but have some decent experience in 40k (been playing since the very beginning of 4th edition).
I did look through articles and couldn't find all answers in them, but I certainly might have missed something. So if you know an article or a thread that deals with some of my questions, I'd be grateful if you drop me a link. Now, on to the questions...

1. Landing Gear.
My question is simple: is there any practical reason to model landing gear on Tau vehicles in 5th? I'm asking because I really hate the way they look (imho they ruin the whole "sleek" feeling of a skimmer model). Besides, if you use a flying stand with the shortest standard stem, the tank will sit barely a few millimetres higher than when standing on its landing gear - so no real cover benefits here either. But maybe I'm missing something?

2. Crisis Suits
Those keep puzzling me... I'm good at mathhammer and thus have a pretty good idea of what weapon combinations are effective against what targets, but I'm at a loss about the composition of Crisis teams. Should they be taken full-sized (i.e. 3-strong) or is it more efficient to field them as 'monats'? Is it efficient to get team-leader upgrades so that one model in a team will have BS4? Is it efficient to take shield drones? And what about marker drones? All these questions are about both HQ and Elite teams. If there are some generally accepted guidelines on this topic, by all means please let me know.

3. Kroot.
Are Kroot required to get a tournament-viable army? Or is it possible to get away with no close combat support? My other two armies (Black Templars and Eldar) are assault-oriented, so pure shooting is something of a mystery to me.

That's it for now... Thanks in advance!
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Default Re: A new Tau player needs advice (on landing gear, battlesuits and more :))

for question 3 no kroot aren't neccasary but they help a lot

when against a combat army they slow the enemy down and with 20 in a squad they can do a lot of damage
i have them in a 2:1 ratio
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Default Re: A new Tau player needs advice (on landing gear, battlesuits and more :))

Welcome to the forums first off. Second, landing gear. Yea it just really personal taste. If your ship gets immobilized you can simply lay it down and say, "hey, my landing gear is down, you just can't see it." Or put magnets on the top of the legs, and on the bottom of the ship where they are supposed to go, and make them attachable, that's what I'm doing at least.
Crisis suits are sorta your taste also. I'm fielding as many crisis suits as I can in games, 13, without farsight. So I don't do the monat thing but for one commander. But on smaller games I might add, monats aren't that bad an idea. It's something you're going to have to figure out for yourself. Upgraded to your personal liking as well.
As far as kroot, they can be very affective, or horrendous at times. I've heard great stories of there success, but unfortunately haven't had that of my own with them yet. I got sweeping advanced on the turn I assaulted my dwindled down opponent...I wasn't happy and was very confused. ???
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Default Re: A new Tau player needs advice (on landing gear, battlesuits and more :))

Ad 1) Check this thread: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=79596.0 for some info on shooting through Skimmers. They block LOS in 5th Edition and provide cover to both parties - our infantry hiding behind them AND the enemy fired at through the Skimmer. The landing gear hangs down from the Skimmer and provides some more LOS obscuring cover to our infantry. I prefer to use the middle height stem on my flying bases to allow shooting under the Skimmer.

Ad 2) I am still learning how to use the Crisis Suits. They can be extremely effective and durable, especially if accompanied by Shield Drones. I am going to try a Twin-Linked range weapon and a Flamer combo, thus eliminating the need for a Multi-tracker and making the Targetting Array unneccessary. In low points game I prefer to use the Monat option, allowing the Drones and Hard-wired Multi-tracker for more firepower. In bigger games I use a whole team with 2 Shield Drones.

Ad 3) Kroot are great, especially with as many Hounds as possible. Initiative 5 is awesome. Also, since vehicles get hit against their rear armour in close combat now, Kroot can outflank and shred most vehicles (preferably stationary or Immobilized) apart with a volley of glancing hits. A squad of 10 Kroot and 10 Hounds can hit the vehicle up to 60 times! You are guaranteed to get a few 6s. The Kroot are no longer safe in woods though, since more than 6" of woods no longer block LOS, the woods only give them 3+ Cover Save, which is useless against Flamers, the ultimate bane of Kroot. During a Tournament last weekend I had a squad of 10+10 slaughtered in one Shooting phase by a Drop Pod and a Rhino full of Dark Angels, disembarking right next to the woods where the Kroot hiding, and flaming and Rapid Firing them to death.

The problem with Kroot in close combat is the Sweeping Advance. You assault a Combat Squad of Marines with your 20 Kroot, kill 4 of them, while suffering like 8 losses (since they strike first). You lose and roll against Leadership -4, a nearly guaranteed fall back. Due to low Initiative of Kroot, your 12 remaining Kroot get slaugtered by the last Marine. Taking Hounds helps a lot though.

Last but not least, the Kroot are a cheap Troops choice. Since only Troops can hold Objectives, this fact can be very handy.
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Default Re: A new Tau player needs advice (on landing gear, battlesuits and more :))

Thanks for your advice guys!

Especially to you Watchdog - good point about landing gear giving cover, nver thought of that.
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