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night fighting
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Default night fighting

I was reading through the codex looking at the story about the Damocles Gulf Crusade. It talks about how the Tau are really good at night fighting, so my question is has any one ever won because of night fighting?

As using Blacksun Filters to see them when they can't see us sounds so cool.* So how i could get some one to play me in a night fight using the night fighting special rules?

Edit by RJay:I have edited the above post to make it easier to read for members of the forum, which ideally i do not expect to have to do. If for some reason there is an issue with punctuation could any such member please personal message me. Thankyou.
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Default Re: night fighting

I suggest just to tell your opponent you want a full night-fight game?
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Default Re: night fighting


Tau are indeed good at night fighting. I've never seen a game that was won specifically because night fighting rules were in effect, but when a Tau force is well suited to the night fight and it happens, it is quite a sight. Those railguns and ion cannons just pound into the enemy without taking return fire.

The thing is, just because your heavy hitters can see much better than the enemy doesn't mean they won't hit you back. Plus, most of your force will be doing precious little during the turn. Afterall, Tau don't assault people. And Tau can't shoot if it can't see either. The enemy can still move and assault as at will, even if they cannot pour bolter rounds into us first.

Are black sun filters worth having on your vehicles and commanders for those "in case" moments? Sure they are!
A night fight turn could be a gift-horse allowing you to focus a single target off the board without suffering too many casualties in the process. It can allow you to shift your target priority scheme.

As for getting players to play you in Night Fight, when you have an advantage, good luck. A fast assault army player may not care, but some marine players may just refuse because their lascannons and missile launchers won't be as effective. So, print out missions that have night fighting rules somewhere in the game (even if it's only a single turn). Play those a few times and use that single turn to the most advantage as you can and see if it's worth while. Then if you like what happens, try and get a game of nothing but night fighting, based on cleanse or holding quarters. Night Fight games that are based on holding objectives are great for Tau because we can scoot around, hold something and still fire. Just think of your Devilfish being able to see in the dark, hammerheads can see in the dark, and your commander can see in the dark. It makes for some nasty warfare where you may not be seeing much in return unless you really irritate your opponent (which may force him out of taking objectives in an attempt to kill you, losing him the game).

Just print up some night fight missions. Lay them on the table and let people know about the mission before building up an army so that they can take their search lights while you take your Filters. At least that way they have a chance to do what you're doing and won't feel so cheated when they realise you can see much better than they can.
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Default Re: night fighting

You are correct.* The team leader is the only one with the blacksun filter and is thus the only one who can see the target.* If you upgrade a lone suit to be his own team leader or Shas'Vre, he can carry hardwired equipment such as a BSF.
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Default Re: night fighting

The black sun filter is the only way to go with the Nightfiighting rules...I tend to remove some points here and there just so that I can have them when the time comes...
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