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2 questions about Tau
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Kroot Shaper
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Default 2 questions about Tau

question #1 - In apocalipse( I know its spelled wrong) most of the filled is filled up so we tau can make use of moblity. So what to do?

question #2 - People say tau cant make competative builds for torny. WTF!!! We have units to handle just about anything. The great Baneblade can be molested by a mere broadside. Infantry will fall to the hammer head. Our crisis suits can fit any unit you need. So how can we not be competative???? ???
( I must admit when I try to make list Im over a few hundred pts )
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Default Re: 2 questions about Tau

In response to Question #2, Tau is just suffering from Codex Creep Syndrome. And the fact that the 5th Edition widens the power gap between 4th and 5th Editon Codices doesn't help. Eldar, Chaos Space Marines and Orks fall into the 5th Ed Category though they're kinda 4.5 Ed~ish. Chaos Daemons have still yet to be taken advantage of. "Vanilla" Space Marines are always up-to-date. The new Imperial Guard Codex will soon give us an idea on where GW is taking this Edition.
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Default Re: 2 questions about Tau

In response to number 2
Originally Posted by Zely
We have units to handle just about anything
This is the exact reason that we suck at making tournament lists, well that and the fact the FWs drop like faster than flies, but back to the fact that we have units to handle just about anything,
  • Broadsides: Tank-killing machine, not very good points wise at just about anything else
  • Hammerhead: Most versatile unit we have, not much bad to say about it other than I personally think its a bit Over priced....
  • Skyray: Ummmm I personally think its a piece of crap and takes up room that hammerheads could go in, but for what it comes with it isn't to badly priced and has markerlights
  • Sniper Teams: well they are really good at taking out MEQs, but are static and are way too easy to kill, as you have to allocate one in 4 shots to the spotter and if he goes boom, bye bye team
  • Piranha: umm, dude 60 pts for a Stealth suit......., okay so its a little harder to kill, and a little more manuverable, I don't think its worth the extra 30 points, not to mention you could be fielding pathfinders here instead
  • Gun Drones: Not bad, fairly cheap, very maneuverable, but once again, PATHFINDERS
  • Pathfinders: Love these guys, Tad bit expensive, and static, which sucks, BUT they are the cheapest markerlights AKA Cover removing AMAZINGNESS
  • Crisis XV8: our most versatile unit, can be configured to kill TEQs, MEQs or even Tanks it is a force to be reckoned with, are best used when specialized so they can MAYBE do their task before they die, because being very large and only having 2 wounds its really hard to hide in 5th ed and people are aware of how deadly they can be and kill them. Oh yea they are also T4, Easily Instant deathed, Not to mention are slightly expensive as a relatively standard setup for me runs near 200pts
  • Stealth X15/25: their stealth abilities allow them to stay at range and gives them quite a bit of protection, Too bad that they have to get close enough to negate this to actually do anything....., I think that they are fairly well in pts value, but they also take up in my opinion valuable XV8 slots
  • Firewarriors: okay in 5th edition you NEED troops, and these guys just don't cut it, at 10 points they get a S5 AP5 weapon that can be fired 30 Inches if you stay still, or 12" twice. Looking at the 30 inches you'll get 2-3 turns of shooting off before you get locked in combat, at 10 pts a model this isnt that great especially when you realize that every template and their mom is AP 4 or better (okay not all but most of them) not to mention alot of guns are AP4 or better *cough cough SMurfs*, Pulse Carbines are pretty much the same way, yes you can move and shoot, but your opponent can more and run.........
  • Kroot: Okay I admit I'm a purist, I don't like them but they can be deadly, but they just never seem to cut it for me, so I kinda ignore them
  • Ethereal: talk about a piece of crap..... Not even going there as you can probably find elsewhere in the Tau forum how much people hate them
  • XV8 Commander: much like the normal XV8 and being even more expensive and at T4 can be a big easily killed pointsink

Synopsis: I hate to do this but as it is the Tau army seems kinda like a slightly worse eldar army, Not quite as specialized or expensive, but we can't move as fast and suck at CC, not a very good combination....... Not to mention we have A HELL OF A TIME trying to kill MCs

We have done the impossible… and that makes us mighty.
Originally Posted by Unusualsuspect
Don't you know? Marines have the And They Shall Follow No Rules special rule.
Originally Posted by enderwiggin
Meh, shooting roman candles in the face of the SM's charging you IS pretty ballsy...
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Default Re: 2 questions about Tau

Q1: The advantage Tau have in apocalypse is the absence of a force org chart. You can run all of your broadsides as team-leaders or shas'vre with stabilizers, plasma rifles, multi-trackers, and 2 shield drones; and still have room for as many hammerheads, skyrays, and sniper teams as you feel like. Regarding mobility in Apocalypse, I've found that we actually have more trouble with it than most. Our forces are not very maneuverable unless they're not firing, and the battle-lines in an apocalypse battle can move so fast that a missed guess on the deployment can put us out of range or run down pretty fast.

Q2. The problem is our lack of mobility. In order to be mobile, we have to buy devilfish or crisis suits. Both of these are very nice units, but very expensive for what they give you. The devilfish, while tough, can be killed by a single lucky shot, and crisis suits give you far less bang for your buck than anything from the Imperium with a similar armor save (space marines). Crisis suits are definitely faster, but space marines can hop into a rhino, move farther than a crisis suit, then pop out and rapid-fire next turn. Marines can also move in and out of cover without rolling dangerous terrain, and get into melee (after being close enough to be effective with their guns) and expect to survive.

In objective based games, Tau have a huge problem with troop survivability. T3 makes them take more wounds than a space marine, and a 4+ save makes them fail more armor saves, plus the fact that a heavy flamer will completely clobber them! Kroot are nice units, and quite cheap, but even more fragile than fire warriors. They can be annihilated by regular flamers, and with their leadership 7 it's far too easy to make them run off the field. I know L7 should pass more often than it fails, but my kroot squad seems to fail about 2/3 of their unmodified leadership checks and run away.
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