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Report from my first Tournament (1250 Points) - pictures inside
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Default Report from my first Tournament (1250 Points) - pictures inside

I just returned from my first ever Tournament. It was a small one, with only 10 players. 3 battles were fought. As a beginner, I, not surprisingly, ended the last. However, I had fantastic opponents and I really enjoyed playing against them through all the three games.

Each game was awarded with 8 Points, split among the competitors based on their performance (maximum of 24 points achievable). The results were as follows:

1. Witchhunters 19pts.
2. Tau 16pts.
3. Dark Angels 16pts.
4. Ultramarines 16pts.
5. Tyranids 15pts.
6. Daemons 12pts.
7. Tau 11pts.
8. Imperial Guard 7pts.
9. Ultramarines 5pts.
10. Tau (me) 3pts.

One of the requirements for the army roster was that it was supposed not to be cheesy or too powerful. Well, not everyone respected that. I had a roster that may seem weak and I admit it kind of was. But that was the way I liked it to be so that I enjoyed playing it, plus my choice of models is somewhat limited. The Tau army on the second place was like a horde army. Waves of Fire Warriors, Broadsides, Crisis Suits, Kroot and a Hammerhead. I am a little suspicous about the roster and the organizers tried to check his list, found a few inconsistencies, but did not disqualify him. He seems to not be the most favourite player around though. His gaming attitude is power gaming and speeding too much, always telling the opponent to hurry up. I did not have to play against him, luckily.

My roster:

Shas'El - Airbursting Fragmentation Projector, Fusion Blaster, Missile Pod, HW Multi-tracker, HW Target Lock, Blacksun Filter, 2 Shield Drones.

Stealth Team - 2+leader, 1 Fusion Blaster, 1 Markerlight, HW Multi-tracker, HW Target Lock, Blacksun Filter. All had Targetting Array. 2 Marker Drones.

10 Fire Warriors (incluiding a Shas'Ui) - Pulse Rifles
+ Devilfish (SMS, Disruption Pod, Flechette Discharger, Multi-tracker, 1 Seeker Missile, Targetting Array)

10 Kroot + 10 Hounds

8 Pathfinders (incluiding a Shas'Ui with Blacksun Filter)
+ Devilfish (SMS, Disruption Pod, Flechette Discharger, Multi-tracker, 2 Seeker Missiles, Targetting Array)

Hammerhead (SMS, Disruption Pod, Flechette Discharger, Multi-tracker, 2 Seeker Missiles, Sensor Spines, Blacksun Filter)

There were three scenarios played:

1. "We Come From Above" - Seize Ground - Dawn of War (3 objectives rolled for)

My first game was against Witchhunters. The opponent had some kind of a heavy vehicle that shot a variable amount of shots each turn:

He also had 3 more vehicles - transports:

He had several infantry squads, including some jump infantry:

His HQ was an Inquisitor Lord or something like that. I deployed first and badly. In his first turn, he wiped out my Stealth team and started to exchange fire with me. I held and hoped for my Pathfinders and Kroot to come from reserves and help me. Well, not until turn 4, when both of them outflanked from the wrong and distant table edge. At least an objective was nearby. However, soon, my Kroot got wiped out by flamers from a transported squad rushing to the spot and the Pathfinders got some bad beating too. I did not manage to do much harm. At the end of the game I had only the Pathfinder Shas'Ui and a beaten Devilfish. My Hammerhead got wrecked after exchanging high AP shots with his heavy anti-armour for 4 turns. This very good and experienced player just plainly outshot me.

2. Incoming Ion Storm - Annihilation - Spearhead (Victory Points counted, not Kill Points), special rule - beginning in turn 4, there is a rising probability of Ion Storm starting to rage. On a roll of 6 a vehicle is shut down for a turn. Night Fight rules apply.

My second opponent was a Tau player, with a Hammerhead , two units of Kroot, one Broadside, 4 or 5 Crisis Suits and several Fire Warrior teams.

My Hammerhead got its Railgun blown off in turn one. :'( I deployed my Stealths in cover and successfully eliminted a weak Fire Wrriors team nearby. Then my Pathfinders' Devilfish got immobilized and I had to continue on foot. I outflanked with my Kroot and attacked his Hammerhead, managing to Immobilize it, before getting wiped out by his Kroot. my Hammerhead got hit by the Ion Storm and was unable to use its SMS to fire at his Crisis Suits. I managed to kill several of his Crisis Suits, mainly with my Seeker Missiles and my Commander, however, after counting the points, he destroyed more, thanks to half of the damaged vehicles' points value counting towards the Victory Points. I had all of mine damaged or immobilized.

3. "Flee From the Nemesis" - Capture and Control - Pitched Battle

My last opponent was a Dark Angels army, containing a Whirlwind, a Land Speeder, 3 Bikes, 1 Attack Bike, 2 Rhinos, an Assault squad, a Librarian, 2 Tacticals (one in Drop Pod).

The game started good for me. I deployed my Kroot in a forest, where I had an objective. Nearby my Pathfinders deployed with their Scout Move and started marking his units. A volley of Seekers and the Hammerhead destroyed the Whirlwind before it had a chance to fire. I killed two Bikes (Fearless) and the Attack Bike with a Devilfish. His last Bike, however, managed to lock my Pathfinders in a deadly close combat. They held for 3 turns, even against the Bike plus the Assault Squad. They even managed to kill some Marines! I immobilized his Land Speeder.

Well, then and there my luck ended. His Drop Pod landed just by my Kroot, refusing to scatter to any surrounding terrain, and together with another unit (including the Librarian with a nasty template) wiped my Kroot, immobilised my Fire Warriors' Devilfish, heading for the second objective. The Fire Warriors became an easy target as the other Devilfish failed to reach them before the Marines did, and they were eliminated. I tried to destroy what I could near the former Kroot objective with my Stealths and Commander, but my rolls went badly. So many shots and only a few dead Marines.

My Hammerhead got immobilized. The second Devilfish was damaged badly too and became stunned while trying to reach the opponent's objective to at least contest it. The Hammerhead managed to kill 3 out of 5 near the opponent's objective with the large pie plate, but got blown up then.

My Stealths got assaulted after they killed the bike. Damned Power Weapons. Commander founght as hard as he could but he failed some saves during the last two turns and died. I even failed to destroy the Drop Pod to free room for some movement. I only managed to immobilize it. :

Well, it was a very educative experience for me. I did not manage to play against a horde, which I kind of hoped for, but I tried some new opponents with new playstyles.

A few more pictures can be found HERE.
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