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Tau Army list need help
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Default Tau Army list need help

Hey all... just joined and must say this is a very helpful board. Ok I have been playn Necrons and then more recently DH's.. Over the past years here and there I have purchased some Tau and I currently have..

1) Only HQ piece I have atm is Aunshi(sp) and Im thinkin meh..

2) 24 Fire Warriors

3) 1 XV 8

4) 4 XV 15's

5) 3 Pathfinders

6) 1 XV 88

7) 1 Devil Fish

Ok so what Should I add/not use aiming towards a 1500 Pointer/ 2000 Pointer ?

I want to base the army on Shooting and fast attack.

Btw I was at my local game store after work and they said Shadowsun was not being Sold anymore except from GamesWorkshop?? is that true?

Thanks for any help given.

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Default Re: Tau Army list need help

Alright, first of:

Aun'Shi is no longer a legal choice; with the arrival of the "new" Tau Codex, he was replaced by Aun'Va, who, basically, sucks.

Furthermore, you need at least one Firecaste Commander in your army. Since you already have a Crisis, you can just use this one instead.

If you want to base your army on Fast Attack, a second Devilfish for the Firewarriors would be advisable, as would be at least a single Hammerhead. Up the size of the Pathfinders to a legal count, when you're at it

More Crisis Suits are always good; there are loads of Tacticas floating around the site which deal with Crisis armament.

The rest of your army depends on personal likes and dislikes. I'd suggest you play some smaller size games, to get the hang out of Tau, before moving on to bigger games. Tau play radically different from the other armies out there; he movement phase is basically the most important one, especially if you play Mech, followed by the shooting phase, which is rather unique.

Welcome to the Boards,

PS: I don't know about Shadowsun, but with her being a crappy character to begin with, I have no problem with her being direct-only.
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Default Re: Tau Army list need help

Gotcha thanks for the help
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