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What should I take against orks?
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Kroot Warrior
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Default What should I take against orks?

Need help facing Orks...Here is the my friend's list. Playing a 1500pts game.


1x Big Mek = Shokk Attack Gun, Bosspole
1x Warboss = Power Klaw

1x Deff Dread = 2x Dreadnought CCW
30x Ork Boyz = 3x Big Shoota
30x Ork Boyz = 3x Big Shoota
9x Nobz = Paintboy, Waaagh! Banner, 9x Big Choppas
1x Trukk = Stikkbomb Chukka, Armour Plates, Red Paint Job

12x Burna Boyz

Heavy Support

1x Deff Dread = 2x Dreadnought CCW
1x Deff Dread = 2x Dreadnought CCW
1x Deff Dread = 2x Dreadnought CCW

Total 1500 pts
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Default Re: What should I take against orks?

I would take 2-3 squads of 12 Firewarriors
1-2 Squads of 2-3 XV88s
1 Hammerhead (railgun)
1 Squad of pathfinders
1 XV8 commander - burst cannon and missile pod
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Default Re: What should I take against orks?

Originally Posted by henbobbleb
I would take 2-3 squads of 12 Firewarriors
1-2 Squads of 2-3 XV88s
1 Hammerhead (railgun)
1 Squad of pathfinders
1 XV8 commander - burst cannon and missile pod
I agree with Hen, except I would make sure that those Crisis suits had burst cannons. Use the Sub munitions on the Hammer Head to your advantage. Use the Devilfish from the path finders to get your Firewarriors out of trouble.
So what you are saying is that your Ground Cadre has lots of Air Support?

No. What I am saying is that my Air Support has lots of Ground Cadre.

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Default Re: What should I take against orks?

LuckMonster what do you have to build an army with? It would help if we could see what you have available.

A couple of notes though... your buddy is playing a foot slogger thats good for you. Use mobility to keep his units at arms reach as long as possible. Take Railheads in you HS slots, keep your distance and hit him over and over with Large blasts. Take Devilfishs for your troops and leave them in the Fish. Make lots of hit and run attacks with the Fish. Use suits to harass him, have them fight as skirmishers and take high ROF weapons (the more dice you throw the better).

Shoot the Trukk as soon as possible. I assume that it will have Nobz or Burna Boyz in it and you don't want either close to you.

Above all remember - hit and run, don't let him box you in. If he catches you you are doomed.
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Default Re: What should I take against orks?

The list that i've done best with against orks is:

1x Shas'O + 2 bodyguards
1x Crisis suit with Positional relay to bring in the Shas'O unit
4x 12 firewarriors, all in devilfishes
2x Hammerheads

The teams suit hides and deepstrikes the Shas'O whereever he's needed.

the Hammerheads take out anything threatening.

The firewarriors are designed to operate in teams of 2, each team has a single markerlight, which should be used to benefit the other team. Generally I manouver the fish into a position where I can move in and take down units. Then moving in with all 4 units at once when the time is right, unloading and rapid-firing.

In terms of wargear, I like flamers on the Shas'O and bodyguard (often Twin Linked to re-roll the to wound rolls) as infantry killers. But the AFP is good too.

Hope some of that helps
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Default Re: What should I take against orks?

I really cant see Tau having much of a problem with this list, the ork player is not taking enough bodies to swamp you with a massive footslogging force, neither is he taking enough transports to cause you problems like a true speed freaks force would.

To beat this force you only need 2 things. Hammer heads and Firewarriors.

Normally firewarriors are not points efficient to take many of them, however against orks this does not apply. There lack of armour save and rellying on decent T to survive, makes our pulse rifles perfect to kill them.

HammerHeads with railguns are the second unit that is a must. I would take 3, but that may mean the game will be alittle one sided and not too much fun for the ork player. The Solid shot will take out the 4 dreads and the truck without much effort, letting you them zoom around safely landing pie plates on the mobs.

List i would take is i really wanted to win.

2 x Shas'el Fireknife config with target array. One has a blacksun filter/one has a target lock - 202

(Join them in a unit together, they have different rquipment so you can split wounds between them if needed, they can target different units, use there MP's 1st turn to shoot the trucks/dreads and when they get close the plasma to cut thought the nobs.)

10 Firewarriors with team leader - devil fish with DP's and Flechette's - 205

10 Firewarriors with team leader - devil fish with DP's and Flechette's - 205

10 Firewarriors - devil fish with DP's and Flechette's - 195

8 pathfinders - Devil fish with DP's and Flechette's - 191

Railhead with mutlitracker and DP -165

Railhead with mutlitracker and DP -165

Railhead with mutlitracker and DP -165


He is how i would play it.


line your firewarriors up in any availibe cover, across from the main of his army. have the tanks lined up behind, they do not need any cover because of the DP's. Hide the 2 suits behhind a tank but make sure there is room for them to jump into a firing position 1st turn.

1st turn - Target priority. 1st has to be the single truck. After that the railguns go on the dreads and the firewarriors on the boys. Use the suits MPs to take out the truck 1st turn, Then solid shot the dreads. Pick the closest of the mobs of boys and light them up with pathfinders and use all 3 firewarriors on them. On average you should take out about 17 boys. I would expect the truck to be at minimum imobilised and 2 dreads heavily dammaged/destroyed.

2nd turn. this depends on who went 1st. If you went 1st then you have an extra turn of shooting, same as above, make sure you completely wipe out the dammaged ork mob so you dont have to worry about it later, and use the rail guns to finnish the dreads. If you went 2nd and he had a good run on his 1st turn, though by putting big shooters in the mobs i cant see him running, you i would skip this and move straight onto turn 3 strat.

3rd turn. Move your 4 fish forward's over your firewarriors and create a skimmer wall which should give you about a 2' impassible wall infround of your firewarriors. Sure he can charge the skimmers an yes he will hit rear armour, but it will be on a 6 and the flechettes will kill nearly half a sqaud of boys before they attack. Use your pathfinders to remove the cover saves that your own fish will give the orks, and shoot the remaining squads under your tanks.

Turn 4 onwards - Lets face it your probably going to get charged in one of these turns, one of your fish will most likely be downed, but by this time you will have inflicted massive damage, just makie sure after turn 3 if you get the chance pack up some firewarriors an attempt to get them far away, The foot slogging orks (which will not be many) will never catch your 3 hammer head and its almost certainly game over.

Things to think about - If you kill the dreads he has almost nothing that can kill tanks at range. If you kill the av10 truck he has nothing that can move any faster that infantry.

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Default Re: What should I take against orks?

I would field as much hammerheads as u can, there submunition will rip apart whole squads of orks. I once took out 14 orks in one shot! Also take allot of Fire warriors. Their guns will also reak havok on the orks, because they pierce there armor
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Default Re: What should I take against orks?

1 important thing to remember is that Orks will run off the table pretty quickly once you've got their mobs whittled down to just a few guys. I find that the best way to deal with Ork Vehicles is with Missile Pods. They've got a reasonable chance of penetrating their vehicles and with as many missile shots as you can get their really realiable for killing Deff Dreads.

I'd bring a hammerhead or 2, at least 2 squads of deathrain crisis suits, and 3 teams of 12 fire warriors and a team of pathfinders if I could fit it into a 1500 point army. Which doesn't seem unreasonable.

Keep your commander cheap because there's not much that he's going to do to help you win this fight.
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Default Re: What should I take against orks?

I'd also recommend putting Fletchette Dischargers on your vehicles, if you can afford it - killing 5 out of 12 charging Boyz before they even get their attacks in seems well worth the 10 point cost.
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Default Re: What should I take against orks?

Orks are my first and for most army. Tau is my newest so here is my 2 cents.

1/ His Bigmek with the SAG can either make him or break him. Luckily for you he is running solo and is an easy target to pick off. This is the only unit that has ranged attacks once he is gone there is no need worry about being shot at.

2/ Lots of Dreads in his list and they are only kitted out for close cbt. In all likely hood they will be upfront providing a wall for the footsloggers. Take advantage of this and use broadside to pop them. The nice things with the broadside is that they have the AP1 rail weapon to take them out with ease. Any penning roll other than a 1 or 2 will put these dreads out of commission. Any explosions results will end up causing some dead orks, which is a bonus for you.

3/ The trukk with the Nobs will in all likely hood have the warboss attached to them. This unit must not make it to your units or they are doomed. The great thing with Tau is that 90% of the weapons they have, have a chance at penetrating the trukk. Once the trukk is down they will be forced to walk. Looks like they don't have Eavy Armour so any shots on this squad will wound them with only a FNP save to help them. However they are a small unit and if you can get 9 or more wounds on them then you have a shot at killing the painboy. Lastly make sure he kills off whole models since his Nobs are not uniquely kitted out.

4/ The footsloggers are large but not neccesarily in charge. With no Nob to control these boyz they will be a rulely bunch for him to control once they are under 11 orks. Focus your fire on one of these units and drop them before moving on to the next one. Every wound that you can casue will result in one dead ork unless he can generate a cover save. Deny him this and the ork horde will quickly be cut down in size.

5/ The burnaz are a fearsome foe but need a ride inorder to be effective. Kill 2 of them and they are no longer fearless. These boyz are expensive and you can expect them to be running in behind the dreads for cover. Strike the dreads down and you should be able to draw a bead on them.

Target Priority for you should be:

1/ The Nobs/warboss in the Trukk.
2/ The Deffdreads
3/ The Boyz
4/ The burnaz.

Units you should use against his:

1/ The Nobs/warboss in the trukk = Stealth Suits/Fire Warriors with Pulse rifles.
2/ The Deffdreads = Broadsides
3/ The boyz = HammerHead, stealth suits, kroot and fire warriors.
4/ The burnaz = anything that has dealth with their designated traget.

As asked already, what models for tau do you own? If you can provided use with that Im sure one of us could make a list for you.
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