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Friday the 13th BatRep (completed)
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Default Friday the 13th BatRep (completed)

Well yesterday, I had a small game of WH40K with friends. I don't have my notes with me, so the detail BatRep will follow later today or tomorrow, but here are the preliminaries:

We were 4 guys and the list were:

Jean had his 'nids
-Flyrant with Tl devourer, venom cannon, flesh hooks and Warp field
-3 Warriors, rending claw, carapace, 2 spitter, and 1 barb strangler
-3 unit of 8 termagaunt
-1 spore mine

Mike had his Witch Hunter
-Canoness with faith
-2 squad of 10 veteran sister with sister superior, 2 strom bolter (1 squad with faith)
-1 Immolator
-1 Exorcist with Missile launcher

Rick had his orks
-Big Mek with the kustom force field (or somethingl ike that)
-mob of nobz with choppa...including one with power claw
-some shoota boyz 1 big shoota
-A closed top looted wagon: Red.

and me
-'El withPlasma+CIB+TA + HW multitracker+HW BSF
-XV-8 Shas'vre with Plasma+AFP+targetting array+HW Multitracker+HW BSF
-XV-8 withMissile pod+burst+Multitracker.
-6 Fire warrior with 6 photon grenade
-6 fire warrior
-4 gun drones
-1 Team of sniper drones

We had a Seize and capture (Or something like that) with 3 objectives with the spearhead set up.

The Teams were:
Ork and Tau
'Nids and sister

The table lookes a bit like this and The 3 bunkers (Bk) were our objectives and had an Av12

FFF B BB Guant 1 BkBk
FFF BBBB Warrior -- BkBk---- T
B Guant 2

Imo Sister2
Choppa FFFF Fire 1 (in wood)
-- BkBk-- 'el BkBk Sniper (in bunker)
BkBk BkBk Fire 2
'firestorm Wagon

'nids did not benefit from faith
Sister did not benefit from synapse
Ork did not benefit the Marlerlight
Transport could carry allied troops.


Rick and I won the roll of so we placed our guys first. We put my sniper drones in the bunker(Bk) in our zone with some fire warrior in the forest(F) next to it. The Choppa mob was set up to go for either of the 2 others bunker/objectives. and the other were set up to move and get to where they were needed.

Jean and mike split up their forces in two so that they could try to get both bunkers. Ignoring the Forest(F) and the bog(B) in their zone.

The game lasted 5 turn where we unfortunately got owned...mostly due to bad dice roll and chinese missiles.
For the Greater Good!
For Ksi'm'yen and the 76th Moracre Light Armoured Guard

I Invite you to join my collective story and to add to it.

My ascension to GODHOOD
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Posts: 6,212
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Default Re: Friday the 13th BatRep (preliminary)

Turn 1
We head fro the left bunker.

My 'el shoot at the sister 2 and kills 1. my sniper goes for the guant 2 and completely misses. The shoota an 1 inch, the choppa 6. The Fire strom shoots at the Sister and does nothing.

My 'el jumps amongst the cghoppa and benefit from the Kustom shield.

The got for the left and top bunker respectively. The flyrant goes next to the left bunker.

The exorcist fires at the wagon. hits twice and rolls a double 4. It is immobilise and the main cannon is destroyed. it is effectively out of the game from now on.. The warrior shoot at the Tail end of the choppa, barely scatter with the big template, dead on for the small one. kills 3 choppa. The flyrant fires everythnig at my commander. He does 7 wound I only save 4. He is soo dead. The sister 2 fires at the choppa and kill 1. The sister 1 ran 3 inches towards the bunker. Gaunt 3 ran 4 inches toward the left bunker. gaunt 2 moves 6 inches toward top bunker, guant 1 moves 4 inches towards it.

Turn 2
The Firestorm moves to shoot at the exorcist, the choppa and shoota continues to go for left bunker.

Fire wariror team 2 shoots at sister and miss, Fire wariror team 1 at the guant 2 and kill 3 of them. The sniper drones kill 1 gaunt 2. My AFP suit shoot at gaunt2 with his plsam and kill 1 of them. The Orks declare a Waaaggghh and moves 5 inch for the choppa and 3 for the shoota.

My firestorm move into cover amounst the shoota.

The Choppa assault the flyrant/gaunt 3. The Big Mek dies. 7 gaunts bite the dust and the flyrant loses 2 of it's 4 wounds thanks to the claw.

Gaunt 1 moves partially into the bunker. The sister 1 moves to the right of the top bunker for added support. the warrior, gaunt 2 and cannoness move towards the choppa.

The exorcist shoots at my firestrom and does 1 wound. The warrior shhots at my suits, hits dead on for the small template, scatter 7 inches with the big one. I save, but 4 shoota dies. The sister 2 assault the choppa. 3 Choppa dies, the flyrant lose 1 wound, 2 sister dies as well as the 1 remaining gaunt 3.

Turn 3
The AFP suit jumps over the forest to soften the sister 1. He arrives just on the edge of the wood so needs to make a terrain check. He rolls a 1 and impale himself on a tree. The firestorm and shoot boys gets into position fro the immolator.

The fire storm and shoota boyz does nothing on the immolator. The fire warrior 1 and 2 goes for the sisters and only kill 1. The sniper drones goes for the warriors and roll triple 1s.

The Firestorm gets in cover.

The Choppa assault the sister/flyrant. 2 choppa dies so does the sister squad 2 and the flyrant also dies. The choppa consolidate 2 inches and move towards the door of the bunker.

The spore mine falls on my sniper drones. Only the spotter survive.

The cannoness move towards the spotter. The warrior guant 1 moves for the choppa boys. gaunt 1 moves a few of it's member out to remain in synapse range. The sister 1 shoots at fire warrior 2 and kill 2. they fall back 7 inches. The immolator fries 5 choppa, the guant 2 fires and kill 2 choppa. the Exorcist goes fro the choppa and misses. the Warrior bull-eyes the choppa killing 6 and causing the remaining 2 to fallback.

Turn 4
The 2 remaining choppa falls back off the board. The fire warrior 2 succeed their rally roll. The drones deepstrikes -finally- they scatter 7 inches and land on terrain and succeed their roll.

The firewarrior 2 moves towards the bunker door. the shoota and firestrom position themselves for the immolator.

The Fire warrior 1 shoots at the sister and miss. The firestorm, gundrones and shoota trying to bring down the immolator and everyone FAIL!!

The suit moves next to the bunker's door.

The Warrior, gaunt 1 and 2 moves toward the left bunker. Leaving the sister to hold the top bunker.

The Immolator fries my 4 drones. The Exorcist shoot at the shoota and kills 1, the Warrior shoots at the shoota, scatter 0" kill 3 and pin the shoota. The sister 1 shoots at the fire warrior 1 kills 3 and they fall back 11 inches. Gaunt 2 ran 3 inches, gaunt 1 ran 6.

Turn 5
My fire warrior 1 fall back 3 inches.

My fire warrior 2 moves into the bunker. My firestorm moves into the left bunker.

The firestorm fires everythnig at the 3 remaining gaunt 2 and kills 2.

The warirors and gaunt 1 and 2 movest toward the left bunker. the immolator moves towards the bunker.

The immolator flames my suit and he dies. The warrior shoots at the Fire warriors 2 and spotter the template fall dead center (again). Only the spotter dies.


At the end.
4 fire wariror are left in our bunker.
3 are falling back
2 shoota are pin
1 wagon is useless.

They control 2 objectives. They have
both vehicule intact.
3 warriors
1 full guant sqaud
1 mostly full sister sqaud
1 cannoness.
For the Greater Good!
For Ksi'm'yen and the 76th Moracre Light Armoured Guard

I Invite you to join my collective story and to add to it.

My ascension to GODHOOD
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