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"Renegade" Tau possibility
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Default "Renegade" Tau possibility

This is my first post here, so i hope it doesn't cause any tau players ~too much~ irritation.

In essence i finished reading xenology today, and was really interested by the mention of O'Shovah turning away from the ethereal... shall we say influence?

what i would greatly appreciate is if someone could give me a rundown of what a 'renegade' tau army would play like, what they would be composed off, and what resources would and would not be at their command.
I do not have the codex as yet, and i am still a while from being ready to start a new army, but i would greatly appreciate some advice regarding this, as well as any further info on the Farsight incident.

Thank you
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Default Re: "Renegade" Tau possibility

dont care if people get irritated. > its very natural to bastardize a very shadowy race the tau come off as. Its the same for Imperial guard remnants.

farsight is a decent basis, regardless of how he comes off. Though you need not limit it to so.

Possibly playing "pure" tau instead of using auxiliaries can make for a very unconstricting force. Youll have to adapt to new strategies, but it need not be hard.

You can also play as a farsight "like" list, and sabotage Heavy support choices like he does (meaning you purposely dont take heavy, but you may take heavier influnces of stealth suits, or crisis suits for instance.)

or their is the farsight list altogether.

Have fun with it, but most people will shoot you down saying but tau on the sept level wont all abandon the ethereals. Perhaps take a newly developed colony on the outskirts of tau space with some farsight "acolytes" "supporters" the gungho of the firewarriors.

-farsight lists favor heavy use of crisis teams, and crisis suits. In other words be prepared to shell out 20.00, 25 for commanders (nothing exceptional beyond the special issue bits, and the 35.00 farsight commander. A full out team can easily get to 10-15 suits.

regular "pure tau" arent as limited. You may hinder your selection of auxiliaries like vespid, kroot, and human auxiliaries. Meaning you get more firewarriors, devil fish, hammer heads, broadsides crisis teams etc...

Hindered "pure tau" are limited, you may hinder your selection of heavy support in favor of elites. Perhaps 1 of each, broadside, hammer head, or perhaps no heavy support altogether.


on Farsight.

Conspiracies stand in high number. No one utterly explaining what he is thinking, but guessing at.

At the moment he is fighting a losing battle against orks who happened to be smart and brought a serious amount of dakka for the game. For all of farsights winning against orks, he can hardly stand his ground long enough to defend his crucial factories, and production facilities.


well known tips

Battle forces are a great way to start. They give you everything you need to start, and allow you expand your force in different directions. Only pass this up if you dont want auxiliaries in your army, or at worst case, sell the kroot.

Get the Sky ray box over the hammer head. They have bitz for railguns, ion cannons, and skyray missiles. If you screw them up you still have enough in bitz to make a devil fish

dont waste money on vespid as of yet. They are more of a "some like" "more hate" unit.

save your tau crisis suit bitz, you might want to twin link extras. Some people like to magnetize weapons simply so they dont have to buy more crisis suits, or because its plain convenient.

if you are considering kroot, look into kroot hound alternatives. For the money cost, you could consider chaos warhounds 10 for 22.00

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Default Re: "Renegade" Tau possibility

Sounds interesting.

I should have mentioned that this was not necessarily farsight in particular, but merely an instance in which a substantial tau taskforce has been without ethereal guidance for a bit too long.

As i like t get into the fluff of armies that i build, what would be unavailable to a small tau fleet that has gone rogue?
Do tau have mobile production facilities, or is a base of operations essential to them?

As for the army composition, obviously no ethereal, but what would be unavailable to a rogue tau force? [i do like the idea of an entirely tau force, good to see some xenophobia creep back in once the ethereal is gone. Might even consider the logistics of a fire-caste-only force]
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Default Re: "Renegade" Tau possibility

Well in Farsight's case his army has limited access to the most advanced equipment. XV8 while advance has reached the point where it is easy to build and maintain so Farsight uses them extensively, one could argue that it is to make up for the lack other heavy equipment as well as Crisis suits being an important cultural factor in the Fire Caste. That is every Fire Caste member wants to climb the ranks and get their own suit, no only do they get bigger guns but it's a position of respect. Not sure if it's in the 2nd codex but I remember in the 1st codex the the Imperium roughly translated the names of crisis pilots ( shas'vre, etc.) as meaning "knights" .

So regarding the heavy equipment, besides crisis suits Farsight is limited in the number of other advanced equipment he can take, on 1 hammerhead tank, only 1 broadside unit, only 1 stealth suit unit, etc. IMO he probably still has production facilities for this equipment, but can only produce a limited amount as compared to equipment like the XV8 or the devilfish transport.

One big thing missing are mercs. As you can imagine Farsight can't call in anymore reinforcements of Kroot or Vespids. But if your doing a non-Farsight renegade army I'd think simply minimizing the number of them you have would be fluffy, it's not like they'll go running back home the second they here that the Shas'O has gone renegade right? Thats sort of a problem when the Tau control all the space ships ;D.
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Default Re: "Renegade" Tau possibility

The current codex:
Shas'la warrior
Shas'ui veteran
Shas'vre hero
Shas'el "noble or possibly knight"
Shas'o commander
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Default Re: "Renegade" Tau possibility

Farsight generally works with Crisis teams. It is a requirement that he has at least one team in his army (like Fire Warriors). He can also have up to seven bodyguards (that makes up for the "Breakaway Faction" rule). Personally, I'd do the following (as a bare minimum - that's right, with Farsight, even I go for Crisis suits over HH and Broadsides!):

- HQ1: O'Shovah; +7 Shas'vre (Failsafe, Iridium, etc.)
- HQ2: Shas'o 1+ (XV89)
- Elite1: 3x Crisis Suits
- Troop1: 12x Fire Warriors (PR, Photons, Markerlight, Multi-tracker)
- Troop2: 12x Fire Warriors (PR, Photons, Markerlight, Multi-tracker)

That's a bare minimum. I didn't work out the cost, but it should be around 1500pts.
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Default Re: "Renegade" Tau possibility

a vehicle less tau army? Now i really am intrigued.

[had some horrific encounters with hammerheads and my chaos army ]
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Default Re: "Renegade" Tau possibility

xenology was terribly written and contradicted a tonne of pre-established fluff, but it is canonical nonetheless...

Anyway- renegade tau:

I don't think it works, just based on Tau culture. Tau don't kill eachother and Tau that can't operate WITH the Tau'va are pitied not rejected. The only renegade aspect I think that could work is cultural differences/and those who operate within a different doctrine of the Greater Good. So, if O'shova thinks that his service to the Greater Good involves going off to shield the Empire with tactics those on T'au would never allow, he's still operating for the Greater good but there is a doctrinal difference.

Essentially you would have a Plato vs. Sophicles arguement, with both sides in dialogue trying to convey their point with words- not civil unrest (which is why, i think, O'shassera blew up the O'shova statue). This makes for a truly alien and interesting method of discordance, and is worth pursueing. To just say "Tau kills tau" makes them techophile humans- boring... We know there are differences of opinion, even amongst the Ethereals, this is much more interesting then Tau vs. Ethereals (which is what xenology tries to peddle which is just stupid and un-fluffy).
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Default Re: "Renegade" Tau possibility

On the topic of Xenology, the Aun'el never confirms that the lack of an Ethereal presence was what made Farsight turn.

Those were the Inquisitor's presumptions alone. It wasn't until much after that initial interview between the Inquisitor and the Ethereal that the Magos Biologis of the station found physical evidence of the Aun exuding mind-affecting suggestive pheromones, and even then the extent of what those pheromones can or cannot do is still up in the air.

Far, far up in the air.

We have no idea what really motivated Farsight to seemingly "turn on the Empire", nor if that's actually what he intended to do.


In addition, I fail to see what Calmsword sees in the publication.

I don't think Xenology is trying to "peddle" any one thing over the other, and there isn't actually a whole lot to it that directly contradicts other fluff, just expands on it.

The Inquisitor is simply trying to spark some kind of reaction out of the Ethereal as to what motivated Farsight to leave. The Aun's willpower thankfully enabled her to keep her cool in the face of the human's verbal barrage.

And just because Xenology implies that there is sometimes conflict between Tau and Ethereals in regards to opinions, this doesn't mean that the Ethereals' role as arbitrators and mediators is any less downplayed, and doesn't imply that this is mutually exclusive from debates between "normal" Tau.

Like I said, Xenology isn't peddling any one argument/concept over another, just expanding on pre-established fluff with more in-depth background, explanation, and possibility.
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Default Re: "Renegade" Tau possibility

Personally i like the slightly dystopian angle, as i feel it gives the Tau some depth that i [sacrilege] think is otherwise missing.

[by dystopian, i do not mean a statement that "Ethereals are Evil", but rather that perhaps not everything is as fair and happy as it seems on the surface]

as a clarification, i didn't want a tau faction that had turned Against the empire, rather one that had turned away from it.
I personally like the concept of a fleet wherein the fire caste has gained control after the ethereal met unfortunate, but unsuspicious, ends. That without the guidance of the ethereal, the fire caste starts thinking about their own greater good. Certainly with no compulsion to fight against the empire, but no compulsion to return either.
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