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Farsight IC question
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Farsight IC question

Hey all. Was wondering if I am playing farsight correctly. In his entry it says that if he takes bodyguards he looses IC status and only until the bodyguard is destroyed does he gain IC status. So in CC is he the same as all of his bodyguard and therefore cannot be targeted seperately like a normal IC in a unit?
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Default Re: Farsight IC question

Had this happen to me last night. Space Wolf player had his HQ join an unit, run up in a Land Raider and assault my HQ.

Unfortunately for him, he was still IC, since he had joined a unit. He was targetable.

My commander brought, not only body guards, but shield drones, killing off his own IC status. The second those body guards or drones died, he was fair game.

Space Wolf player is not talking to me right now when 20 Kroot ran over to said fight and annilated said HQ.
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Default Re: Farsight IC question

You have it right.

Farsight loses his IC status with his body guard, the same way Shadowsun loses heres with her drones.

It was in the Tau FAQ.

One the bodyguard\drone are gone he revert to his IC status though.

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