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Twin-Linking question?
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Default Twin-Linking question?

I'm new at this [no duh], but I would like to know if I've got this right:
To twin link you need:
A multi tacker.
two of the same weapons.

If I'm wrong please tell me.

And sorta of the topic, what does fluff mean?
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Default Re: Twin-Linking question?

That would be incorrect.

Twin linked just requires that the two weapon systems are linked together. They fire in a barrage, therefor hitting their target more. They count as one shot.

Twin linked Plasma Rifles fires one shot which you get to reroll if you fail.

A Multi Tracker allows for a Battle suit to fire two weapons at the same time.
Firing Twin Linked Plasma Rifles and a fusion blaster

Fluff means something that is in the Tau storyline, or something that is more or less in line with something the Tau would really do.

Sacrificing one Crisis Suit to save a group of Kroot might be fluffy, but not good for your game. The suit is a better unit, but a Tau might actually try to save the Kroot.
So what you are saying is that your Ground Cadre has lots of Air Support?

No. What I am saying is that my Air Support has lots of Ground Cadre.

If a Land Raider dies to a rail gun, and no one was around to see it, does the kill point still exist?
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Default Re: Twin-Linking question?

Thanks, I think I got it!
Thank you ranzin927.
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