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Vehicle secondary weapons
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Vehicle secondary weapons

What do you guys use for your hammerheads?

Smart missle or burst cannon?

What about devilfish?

Gun drones or smart missles?

I was thinking smart missles for both
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Default Re: Vehicle secondary weapons

Should have done a poll .

First, load outs will depend on how you use the vehicle and they style you play. I play air cav tau. My hammerheads generally move in the 12" range, so the majority of the time only fire one weapon (multi-tracker), so I take the burst cannons on my hammerheads almost always. They are the cheapest option, and if someone gets within the 18" range then I can fire 6 shots at it or 3 at one and 3 at another, and my railgun at a third (with target lock).

Skyray I always take the SMS as I try to keep it out of direct fire and like to have the extra range as well.

Devil fish depedns on the purpose, but I almost always use WarFish as it makes all my transports so much more potent. (FYI, WarFish = SMS, DP, and normally TA at least)
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Default Re: Vehicle secondary weapons

SMS. Most versatile. The fact that it doesn't need line of sight means you're guaranteed to shoot at something. I was thinking of taking drones for a while. But the extra kill point that they give bothers me.
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Default Re: Vehicle secondary weapons

I have about 3 standard vehicle builds. I'm a big fan of the warfish, so my devilfish usually have smart missiles. It makes them expensive for transports, but relatively cheap for the amount of firepower they have. My first vehicle heavy support is usually a skyray with SMS. Since the markerlights count as secondary weapons and the missiles don't count as weapons at all for movement purposes, the skyray with SMS is one of few tau vehicles that can move at cruising speed and still fire all its weapons. Hammerheads, when I use them, usually have burst cannons as there's no point in spending extra on the secondary weapons when the primary is the important one! I don't use piranhas but if I did they would be tank hunters with fusion blasters and targeting arrays. There's so much 5/5 fire other places in the tau arsenal that another burst cannon doesn't add much. On rare occasions I will use a devilfish with multitracker, gun drones, and seeker missiles. Usually, this is a pathfinder 'fish that I send on outflank to try for a seeker missile shot at a weaker armor facing.
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