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new in the game
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Kroot Warrior
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Default new in the game

hello i do not have a codex and do not have* enoph money 4 1 till next month and want to no if some one could send me the battle attacks chart 4 thes troops
i bote the $90 dollor set
it comes with
12 kroot Troops
12 Fire Warrior
3 XV8 Crisis Battlesuit
10 Gun Drones
1 set of trees
e-mail is
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Default Re: new in the game

We cannot give you that information about the codex unless you have the codex! :-\ Sorry!
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Default Re: new in the game


Asking for such information after declaring you do not own a codex is requesting someone to do something illegal probably... so it probably won't happen.

However, if you simply go to GW's website, you can download the Tau Reference PDF for free: http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/reference/1/

And here's the direct link to the PDF file: http://uk.games-workshop.com/tau/ref...-reference.pdf

I'm afraid that is pretty much all you're going to get until you buy a codex.

Cheers & Good luck to you!
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Default Re: new in the game

Both MalVeauX and freaky_beef are correct, for us to give you such information is illegal as it is a breach of copyright rules and is also a breach of forum rules here:

Please read: Do not post any copyrighted information, or any links to any copyrighted information (E.g Stat lines). I ask you as members to tell me, or one of the global mods if anyone is posting any copyrighted material without permission. This is a big matter and so please make sure you have fully read this and also fully understand it. You are not allowed to post any stat lines at all. You are allowed to quote some rules, but please don't quote all the rule and if you choose to quote part of a rule, please say which page of the codex/rulebook it's in and what rule it is. Quoting pieces of fluff is allowed, but you must give credit to the writer. Posting just one stat like "The Ork gretchin's strength is 10"* () is also not allowed because if enough people do this, the entire stat line of a model could easily be picked up. Breaching any of the copyright rules above may result in warnings, depending on what exactly you post.
I will presume that as you are new you hadn't read the forum rules yet so will let you off on this occasion but please in the future try to abide by the rules there, as they are there for a reason. The forum rules can be viewed from the following link or in the Announcements board:


Also some punctuation in your posts would not go a miss as it does make it so much easier to read so if you could try doing that as well it would be great, other than that welcome 'porche'.
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Default Re: new in the game

Also.... if you hit the spell check button (two buttons to the right of the POST) button it will help eliminate some of the difficulty in reading your posts.
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Default Re: new in the game

When you make the crisis suits, try not to have to glue on any of the weapons and support systems, its best to leave them off so you can change them as you see fit.
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