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tau conversions carrier and suit heavy and other need ideas
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Default tau conversions carrier and suit heavy and other need ideas

i need help on designs for my new heavy tau. note: these units a strong not very Mobile they can launch strategies weapons if not stop they are like wmds such as satellite cannon, orbital bombardment and mech strikes

idea 1: heavy titan battle suit mech.

idea 2: satellite cannon

idea 3: orbital bombardment

idea 4: spider mech (like the one on supurme commander of cybrogs)

idea 5: zelot warrior and brutes
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Default Re: tau conversions carrier and suit heavy and other need ideas

Titan suits have been mentioned many times...they're not terribly fluffy, but they are a lot better than superheavy tanks and the like.

Orbital Bombardment is mostly represented by the manta and her sister ships. Check out FW for more details, but I assure you, they are both heavy and fearsome.

Sat/spider mechs...nah. Tau are all about speed, and those don't really fit. Ditto for anything called "brutes".
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