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Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?
View Poll Results: Do you typically find yourself using Kroot in your Tau army?
Most of the time I don't. 37 45.68%
No 16 19.75%
Most of the time I do. 16 19.75%
Most of the time I don't. 3 3.70%
Sometimes. 9 11.11%
Voters: 81. You may not vote on this poll

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Default Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

I am just curious on how many people actually use Kroot, and this poll will give the board a general overview of who does or doesn't.

Feel free to post why you do or don't, and your reasoning for it.
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Default Re: Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

Always. The kroot often outnumber the FWs.
Waldo Pepper

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Default Re: Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

I absolutely field Kroot, even in small games generally.

Kroot back in 3rd edition were really just a joke. However, they were great at just being cheap fodder to put in front of pathfinders and suits to create screens (which they quickly ran away from). Anyhow, 4th edition gave new meaning to the abilities that were so worthless it seemed in 3rd edition. Now, Kroot are stronger than ever and really quite useful as they honestly make up their lacking roll from before as the 2nd troop choice for the Tau. The thing is, we have two troop choices in the Tau and they are both very different, however, the Kroot simply didn't fill their rolls pretty often. 4th edition gave us a few things that the Kroot already had, that make them wonderful against every single opponent (even if it only means cheap scoring units). Kroot come in vast numbers and carry a weapon similar to a bolter. Rapidfire rules have made kroot really nice being able to bring up to 40 shots upon someone, which is nothing to scuff at. What's better though is that their natural infiltration actually gets used finally instead of just watching them walk around a little bit. Now, we can start up close and personal and get in range for rapidfire. Cover is actually good now. Before, cover was a joke and wasn't really worth using except for vehicles. Majority cover makes Kroot work very well with their infiltration. Since the Kroot have fieldcraft, they're great in the jungles, but in the open boards of normal gaming, we don't have this luxury, but the various rules in 4th make Kroot possible again instead of just dead weight. And Kroot are even perfect for filling in those scoring unit gaps that we find ourselves having. A small squad of Kroot are perfect at infiltrating a table quarter, holding it for very little points and scoring there. Before gundrones were the only thing cheap enough to fill this roll and they quickly failed at scoring with a single casualty or two depending on squad sizes. Kroot can hold objectives with a number of casualties and do very well with cover saves holding out.

Kroot are also quite deadly against various forces. When the trial rules came out prior to 4th edition, I was regularly using my Kroot as "secret weapons" against my Tyranid and Ork opponents as they were literally too good against them. The Kroot generally died, but they whooped so many gaunts and boyz before going down just from shooting let along beating some down in combat that the Kroot gained some serious respect on the board. No longer where they the "pfft.. what are those chicken heads doing here?" unit that most people thought about them.

Kroot are great - Kroot have a role - Kroot can fill that role finally in 4th

Edit by RJay: There you go Saviour spelling mistake changed for you, isn't it good to know even us mods make mistakes sometimes...
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Default Re: Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

;D It's 'role', Mal! :P

I never field Kroot. I mostly play Space Marines, against which Kroot are an utter waste of points as they get slaughtered before they can make a scratch on the SMurfs. I have never played any of the races they fare well against (Nids, Orks, IG) and so have had not one single experience in which Krot were anything but dead weight... er, points.

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Default Re: Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

against power amour it can be hard..consider taking full quota's of kroot hounds to grant you some handy simaltaemonious attacks.

IMO kroot as quite a rounded troop choice, decent weaponry, excellent number of attacks on combat at WS and S four...The real gem of course of their abilities being that of infiltration! Aloowing them to just do so many things the rest of your army can't...

sit on objectives from turn one
capture key cover
tie up assault troops
expendable harrassers
take out heavy weapon troopers from turn 1 (i.e devi's havocs etc.)

the possibilities are endless...they even worked when in squads of 10 or 20! I love these guys in the fourth edition rules, its hard to beleive they can be so useful from a glance. It requires a little bit of faith to use them for the first time but boy did they deliver for me! I encourage all players to just give them a chance and see what happens...after all it is only 7 points a model!

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Default Re: Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

Cheap, useful ( well not always but sometimes amazingly so ) and cool looking in a horde ( which is the only way to play them ).
What more do you want?
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Default Re: Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

No. And thats a definitive no.

In my eyes Kroot have no place in a Tau army, after all they are only there because GW were too indecisive on which army to make so they just put them together. But my views on this are rather extreme as they are reasonable troop choices in most cases especially the o so beloved by many Mech Tau. I myself just dislike the entire look of them as it detracts from the style and appearance of my army, which is what is more important to me.

Although nowadays Kroot aren't even an option i need to consider anyway i am a Farsight player.
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Default Re: Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

I virtually always put kroot into my army.

OK, kroot stink. Kroot are ugly. Kroot have the worst table manners you could possibly imagine. But they're the best hired guns in the galaxy!
For a measly 7 points, look what you get: 3 ws4 str4 attacks on the charge, a boltgun, a 4+ save in woods, move through woods like they weren' there, infiltration, large numbers and decent leadership.

Kroot have so many roles they can accomplish in 4th ed. THey are incredibly versatile. Infiltrating, and rapid firing is their stock in trade, and even SMurf squads will feel the pain of 40 bolter shots. they are very decent in close combat. In melee, my 105 point unit can easily take down twice its value in points. THey are great at taking objectives, holding objectives, acting as a lure, counter attack unit, stormtroopers. 4th ed is the time of the kroot.

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Default Re: Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

Originally Posted by The Savior
I mostly play Space Marines, against which Kroot are an utter waste of points
Strange... my math shows Kroot to be more efficient at killing Marines than Firewarriors are. Their guns are shorter ranged, but they have infiltrate, so it usually doesn't matter. In 4+ cover, they're even more durable than the Firewarriors on account of their larger unit size. The only downside is their low Leadership, which with some practice, can be overcome.
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Default Re: Poll: Kroot in your army or no Kroot?

I usually take both Kroot and Human Auxillaries. Usually they end up working together in some incredibly lucky situation, like on saturday when the human axuillaries we're charged by a winged tyrant, weren't hit a single time then won combat the next turn as the tyrant was charged by kroot+hounds.
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