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Kroot Warrior
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Default VICTORY!!

Today i played some more 40k as saturdays are 40k days at my local shop. I played 3 games and all 3 were out and out smashing sucesses! one 500 point vs space marines, 2 1150 vs nurgle chaos marines. The 500 point game i lost A FW amd cleansed the opponent. The first 1150 i lost a broadside and wiped the rest, he wanted a rematch and i ended up loosing a fish, 12 FW and 3 stealths. Im just glad that i finally started winning. i do kinda wish it was closer as my friend was ...um upset by the battles. anyway thanks for helping out guys, i think my 500 point and 1150 point armies are pretty well layed out now.
'In hoc signo vinces'
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Default Re: VICTORY!!

ConGratz on the Victories!

How long have you been playing?

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Kroot Warrior
Join Date: May 2005
Location: Indiana
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Default Re: VICTORY!!

about 2 months i think, i started with deamonhunters but got obliterated by anything with armor love the tau though. last week i had tied battles and lost before that week, playing more seems to be getting me more of an advantage
'In hoc signo vinces'
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