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[BatRep] Wussy Orks, Tau vs Orks, 500 pts
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Default [BatRep] Wussy Orks, Tau vs Orks, 500 pts

Hi, this is the first of 2 battle reports i'll hopefully be posting on here over the next few days, on battles I had this weekend.

This first one was a 500 pt game of Tau first orks and was my first game using my tau models.

My army list was as follows:

1x Shas'O with TL-Flamer and MP
+Gun drone

+Gun drone

3x Stealth Suits
+ Fusion Blaster
+ Gun drone.

Orks (roughly):

1x Warboss

20x Boyz (slugga/choppa)
+Nob with power claw

20x Boyz (slugga/choppa)
+Nob with power claw

The battlefield looked like this:

Though a bit wider, but Vassal won't let me show that..
The ruin in bottom left was the one from my terrain topic here:

We rolled for deployment and mission and got objective capture and pitched battle, we rolled for 5 objectives, but decieded this was a bit nuts on such a small battle and used 4. One was placed in the ruin (bottom left), one in the trees (top right) and one in each set of crates.

Orks won the roll of to deciede who goes first and deployment went as follows, with the dethkopter electing to try an outflanking manouver and the Stealth suits staying in deep strike.

Turn one was a fairly dull affair with both sides manouvering to cover objectives and the orks being unusually cautious:

The tau opened up on the orks and killed a couple from each squad (as far as i remember)

Turn Two was a bit more lively, no reserves coming in yet, but the tau commander hit and wounded the warboss with his missile pod in the centre of the board.

In Turn Three the warboss got his payback, assaulting the tau commander and killing him in a single round, though the warboss was now done to a single wound. The orks moved forward to support his push on the objective and the deathkopter outflanked perfectly to shoot and then assault the firewarrior squad holding the ruins. Fortunatly for them the rokkit launcher was not firing on all cylinders and manged to miss them as the ork vehicle careened into close combat. One wound was caused by each side and the fight continued.

The stealth suits also rolled to come in from deep strike, however they scattered into an ork unit and the deep strike table roll was 'delayed' so back they went..

Turn 4 saw the firewarriors defeat the deathkopter and consolidate into a position from where they could fire on the warboss who was hiding behind the ruin. The stealth suits came in and shoot at the orks hoping to try and force the orks on the left to get off the objective and the firewarriors took the warbosses last wound.

Turn 5 and the firewarriors moved back to hold the ruin whilst the stealth suits at the other end of the field got taken apart by ork shooting and assault, fortunatly the ork player managed to consolidate far enough to get back to the objective by the barrells, though the firewarriors on the right fired at that squad killing two, this proved of great import later on.

At turn 5 the game ended, both armies were holding 2 objectives, so we calculated victory points to try to find a winner.

Turns out that the final act of the game the firewarriors firing at the ork squad just turned the game in the tau favour as the boyz squad was now below half strength and thus counted for half VP's.

Final Result

Tactical Draw

Victory Points

Tau win 260 - 218

Not the most exciting game in hindsight but we had fun and we know prepared ourselves for a 1000 pt game on a full sized table (well floor in this case).

New Tau Project Log!
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Default Re: [BatRep] Wussy Orks, Tau vs Orks, 500 pts

A very entertaining battle report Jonagon, the pictures helped a lot. Ah yes, even Orkz and their T4 stat can't save them from a serious Tau gunline, I applaude you winning! ;D I think your army list was standard, not that it's a bad thing. You had 1 HQ, 2 Troops and just enough points for a special, as did the Orkz. I'd go for a similar outline myself

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