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Forgeworld Sentry Gun Turrets!
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Kroot Shaper
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Default Forgeworld Sentry Gun Turrets!

Have anyone played with the Sentry gun turrets (with deepstrike) that forgeworld sells?
And do you think they are worth thair points?
What is the best wepon for them??
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Default Re: Forgeworld Sentry Gun Turrets!

Originally Posted by Rich
Have anyone played with the Sentry gun turrets (with deepstrike) that forgeworld sells?
And do you think they are worth thair points?
What is the best wepon for them??
I myself have not played with them. But If you would like to find out more about the Sentry Gun Turrets go here:

Guide to all Forge World Tau and Kroot models: http://forums.tauonline.org/index.php?topic=7313.0

Or if you cannot be bothered to follow a link or find the relevent information then here it is directly:

Tau Drone controlled Sentry Turret armed with either Missiles, Fusion Blasters, Burst Cannons or Plasma Rifles. These can be built deployed or enclosed.

Drone Sentry Turrets house a twin-linked Burst Cannon firing at the same ballistic skill has a normal Gun Drone. So its not going to be the most accurate of models (being only slightly more accurate than basic Fire Warriors), nor will it be the most powerful with a twin-linked Burst Cannon but that can be upgraded, allowing the Sentry Turrets to upgrade to either twin-linked Missile Pods, twin-linked Fusion Blasters or twin-linked Plasma Rifles.

The Turrets themselves are classed as vehicles and have very reasonable armour values, and alongside that there is the options to equip them with Shield Generators, allowing them a 4+ save before AP rolls. They are also classed as open top vehicles the turn after they fire but if they did not fire the turn before this is not the case.

They are entirely immobile (although they can Deep Strike, for an additional one point per Turret). This can be used alongside Markerlights meaning any unit with Markerlights can essentially miss their turn in order to light up an area for the Turret, that way there is no scatter when Deep Striking. Doing so with a full squad of 8 Turrets makes a pretty strong defensive fortress whilst still being able to dish out death to your opponent.
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Default Re: Forgeworld Sentry Gun Turrets!

I have played with (Proxy) Turrets and i find them highly... useless. Sure they Deepstrike... Sure they can be fit with any TL weapon in the Tau arsenal... Sure DS them behind a tank with Fusion Blasters and they do damage... But that's about all they do. They are stationary pieces o' crud. If you are playind a scenario with fortification rules then they have a use, but only then.
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Default Re: Forgeworld Sentry Gun Turrets!

They are not that uselwss but you need to equip them right.

Fusion blaster is worhless as the turret is imobile so no one would come close to it.
Burst cannon is almoust the same tt have too short range to be usefull.
Plasma is patially better but still no to good as with one shot to 24'' it is not much. But at least they are good to form defence line against advancing marines if you are sure that thy will go past.

In my opinion the best choice is missile pod one. As it have good range to be able to shoot where you need, and it is quite powerfull weapon for dealing with transports and light tanks.

Good thing on their deep trike is that they could be placed right on any spot you see with ML, and even better is that designating model doesn't fire it's ML so a unit of pathfinders can designate for four different turrets and the rest of the unit can normaly attack.

But probably better than DS is deploy them first, as they ar HS choice they can be deployed first, and as they are deployed separatly you don't need to place them together, so you can form a buffer zone which prohibit the enemy from deploying close to you and rest of your army is free to deploy unhindered where you want them.
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