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Tau Sept Colors
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Default Tau Sept Colors

Does anyone know if there is a chart or somewhere that lists all the known septs and their color?

The codex has this:
T'au - white
Sa'cea - orange
Ke'lshan - yellow
Bork'an - turquoise
D'yanoi - ice blue
Vior'la - red
Au'taal - green

There are quite a few more septs left not on there. Any know the rest of the colors? I want to use Gold for my army as the sept markings, but I don't think we all need to be making our own septs for this.

Thanks guys!
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Default Re: Tau Sept Colors

i think the idea behind not showing the rest of the sept colours is so you can make up your own sept colours. i dont think for the rest of them there are any colour shemes written.

i have purple tau i litterally just picked a sept world without sept colours and picked my colour scheme.
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