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Dark Eldar as counts-as... TAU???
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Default Dark Eldar as counts-as... TAU???

Seems odd I know but if you take out Wyches then DEldar can be very shooty... plus I've been saying for a long time Splinter Rifles should give the same bonuses Kroot Rifles do. After seeing this thread by GoneFishing I thought "I really like that idea... awesome style to play in" I wanted to do another Tau army... bad Circus! I already have three (all same sept so I can combine them, but I have 4k so... rather a lot ) and they're all at home and I have no Kroot (at all :P) so I can't really justify a new Tau army, so I thought... Counts-As!

I'm doing a new DE army anyway because I can't wait for the new book to start buying and making DE models, so... without further ado, here is what I plan to use in the list from the Tau book:

Commander Crisis Suit
Crisis Suits
Fire Warriors
Kroot Hounds

And this is how I shall represent them:

The simplest will be the Kroot, I shall just use standard DE warrior models for those. Unlike many I actually quite like the Warrior models. They have bugger all armour anyway so that doesn't matter much, but Kroot are actually juicier in CC than Dark Eldar Warriors, what with their higher Strength, equal WS, equal Toughness and equal Initiative if you make sure you pack an equal amount of Hounds to Kroot.

Next simplest I guess is Kroot Hounds, which will be warp beasts. Except the warp beast models A) suck and B) are expensive, so I'll funky paint job-ify some Vampire Counts Dire Wolves instead. Job jobbed.

Now Fire Warriors and this is where it starts to get a bit tricky and won't get easier. For Fire Warriors I'll combine Dark Eldar Warrior bits with Dark Elf Warrior bits so they look more ornate in their armour, and I'll do *something* (unsure what yet) to the Splinter Rifles to reflect their higher strength and range than the splinter rifles carried by the other warriors (I.e. the Kroot... the Kroot rifle is actually better than the Splinter Rifle anyway).

The Devilfish will be a Raider, and the higher armour, non-open-topped-ness will be explained by use of the Shadowfields that really Raiders should have been packing from the beginning. I'll need to refit it in terms of weaponry, probably gatling versions of the guns that the "Fire Warriors" carry to represent burst cannons.

The Crisis Commander will be a heavily bastardised Wraithlord. Simple really. I.e. one with a DEldar controlling it rather than a spirit stone.

For Crisis suits I'll have to do the most work. I'll have to scratchbuild/greenstuff a full exo-suit to a DEldar Warrior, I think... I can't think of anything I can use that'd work. But I'll do a test model of this before embarking on the whole list because I don't want to waste tremendous amounts of money.

For the Hammerheads I'll use Ravagers (Shadowfields again, naturally ) and model them to be firing so it appears a concentrated beam is being fired by all three Dark Lances into one point (kinda Death Star style) to represent the power of the Railgun.

And the beauty of this is that all the models with the exception of the Crises and Commander can be used with my DEldar list and presumably the forthcoming DEldar list also =D

Am I insane?
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Well I'd rather not play the game at all than play it like they did! :P
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Default Re: Dark Eldar as counts-as... TAU???

Very ;D

I would fit some "Count As" Pathfinders in as well if you can - the reroll on scatter really helps your Deepstrikes and you can outflank with a warfish

Good luck with it! (let me know how it goes!).
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