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ethereals and kroot and drones
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Default ethereals and kroot and drones

I am new to the tau, and when i was assembling my tau i noticed that my fire warrior leader was the same thing as my ethereal. So how does that work, is there like the regular ethereals and then high ethereals? Also do the kroot create there own guns or are they provided by the tau, since they are allies. If they are provided by the tau then why are they not as good as fire warrior weapons. The last two questions were about lore not actual gameplay statistics such as ballance of armies, also please provide codex page numbers for answers if possible. And my final question is about gameplay. If you have a squad of sniper drones and the spotter gets killed, the drones stay on the board and act as senery, correct? ???

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Default Re: ethereals and kroot and drones

1. Ethereals do have ranks
2. They create they're own guns and the Tau modified them to make them better, however, they remain made by Kroot so they aren't that good.
3. No, the models are removed (they crash and blow up, not fall gently to the ground).
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Default Re: ethereals and kroot and drones

thanks you were a big help

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Default Re: ethereals and kroot and drones

Hmmmm im not sure you can say Kroot Guns arent any good...they are a bolter equivalent weapon the counts as 2 CC weapons in attack. - Thats pretty good.

They do have 1 less strength and 6" less range than a pulse rifle - but the Kroot are just as good as shooting as the Tau (same BS) and the +1 attack you get in CC equals out the lack of S5 I think.
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Default Re: ethereals and kroot and drones

I agree with GoneFishing. The kroot rifle has inferior stats to the pulse rifle and everything else, but the differences don't amount to much. For all practical purposes it's equivalent to the standard bolt-gun, you get a LOT of them for your points, and you get an extra CC attack. I use kroot in all my armies and they usually do well. They have almost as much firepower as fire warriors, and they are much better in hand to hand. Their only weakness is their lack of armor save, and that's only a big problem with weapons that deny cover saves. Beware the flamers, but otherwise expect them to make their points.

On the original question, the fire warrior leaders are not ethereals. The five tau castes are more than different professions; they are subspecies. Most of what shows up on the table or Fire Caste, as those are the soldiers. Ethereals are their own cast, which I can't remember the name of beyond ethereal. The squad-leader of a fire warrior squad, is Fire caste, just like the rest of his squad. The battlesuit pilots, pathfinders, and everybody else are also Fire caste, even the shas'o or Commander Shadowsun. The only time you have multiple castes in a single squad is with an ethereal and his honor guard. The ethereal is ruling caste but the honor guard are Fire caste.

The other castes are Earth, which are workers and engineers; Water, which are bureaucrats and paper-pushers (and probably middle-managers); and Air, which are messengers and aircraft pilots. Forgeworld has a couple of kits (Barracuda, Manta, etc.) that have Air caste models in them, but I don't think there are any official models for the other castes. Air caste are similar to Fire caste, but taller and scrawny. I think some of the fluff describes the other two (Earth and Water) as shorter and smaller than Fire caste, but otherwise similar.
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