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starting my first tau army
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Default starting my first tau army

hey guys,
i just registered to be some kind of "under pro guidance" from the beginning on

i just started my first warhammer 40k army with the tau empire, me and my friends are mostly playing in the range from 500-1000 pt, because we want to keep spendings in a certain frame that is not "i have the most money, i win", but if i really should get into it i really can imagine having something 1,5k upwards, playing tournaments and stuff;

so atm i have:
24x Firewarriors
12x Kroot Warriors
4x Kroothounds
1 Hammerhead

and 1 Battleforce Box including:
1 Tau Crisis XV8
1 Devilfish
3 Tau XV25 Stealth Armour
7 Tau Gun Drones
12 Tau Fire Warriors
12 Kroot Carnivores

any advice what is should get in addition? generally i want to get a real Shas'O XV88 asap and a second hammerhead, in the long run maybe some piranha or barracuda

mostly i will be facing a very aggressive dark eldar who is strongly trusting in his hq and close combat units using drugs as well as a tyranid that thinks he can just "overrun" you with a hive tyrant and a bunch of close combat


p.s. i actually want them to be tash'var but could not figure out any colors, wheter in the codex nor online, any things/colors that i should avoid? generally i will start dow:dc and play around with the army painter to find a nice scheme, my first idea would be some kind of darkened tau sept ochre mixed with some rusty brown and scratchy armor as tribute to alle the fights against invaders
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Default Re: starting my first tau army

wow that is a bigger army than mine, and i've been collecting for a while
anyways try to avoid using to many colors and try to keep it minimalist, as that is what the Tau are like quite often. for example grey and black are very good and try to paint them before they have arms on because it is hard to paint the armor when they are fully put together
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Default Re: starting my first tau army

in terms of painting i want to try to undercoat and paint them still in the plastic frame, obviously it seems to be a very nice technique to really reach all edges and small detail

so that means:
undercoat -> assemble torso/leave hands in frame -> repaint any gluing mistakes -> paint -> assemble incl. hands -> fix mistakes

seems to be that i'm quite a perfectionist, but i really want to do it best as i can and not "waste" my money on shoddy painted minatures that look like you just found them in a trash can somehwere around the streets
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Default Re: starting my first tau army

i agree, but i paint the legs, glue them on the base, decide on the pose, glue the body and head on and paint them, paint the arms and backpack then put them on. the body and legs dont obscure each other at all so you can have them together and paint them if you want,
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Default Re: starting my first tau army

Well it seems like you have a good start. You have a lot of Str. 5 weapons so killing hordes (Tyranids) won't be a problem for you. I would strongly suggest getting more Crisis suits. They are arguably the most versatile units in 40k. Aside from your Hammerhead you lack heavy support and Crisis can fill that niche until you've got more models. *IMPORTANT*, Don't glue the weapons on your Crisis, you're going to want to change their weapon load as per the army you'll be fighting. That being said, there are several ways to attach them including pins and magnets. Personally I just use the notches provided in their arms. When you decide to get more Heavy Support an easy way to think about "hmmm, Hammerhead or Broadside?" is Hammerheads are more versatile but less accurate and Broadsides are very accurate but not mobile. As for dealing with Tyranids and Dark Eldar, I would go with Hammerheads. Both armies are fast and as long as your keep the Hammerhead moving they are going to have a very hard time catching it in CC. Also, Crisis suits with missile pods are AMAZING against Dark Eldar and Tyranids and can be fit on a suit for cheap.

As for the paint scheme, as other have said... keep it simple. Simple doesn't necessarily mean bad looking. Painting can really suck if you get really really detailed with the scheme, 12 models down...24 to go...grrr. Personally I prime my models with glossy black, then use Spacewolves Gray on the non-armor parts of my Fire Warriors with Regal Blue on the knee and shoulder plates. It's easy to paint and the contrast of the gloss black with the gray looks nice.
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Default Re: starting my first tau army

Your probably going to need some More crisis suits. I strongly recemend Deathrain patten's which are twin linked Missile pods, with either a black sun filter or flamer. Deathrain suits are excellent against nids and dark eldar. They are cheap compared to other crisis configurations, they have good range which means you can keep them at the back of your army and avoid some of the return fire. They Are the Perfect weapon for taking out Tyranid warriors, which i am sure will be taken at this points level games, They will wound on 2+ and the AP will bypass even there extended carapace. They are also great at taking out geanstealers which are expensive and only need to kill 2/3 each to make there points back often. There good strength means that they can force Fex's to make saves as well making them THE weapon of choice when playing Nids. hey have a perfect St to take out dark eldar skimmers and there 2 accurate shots each means that theres enough shots coming from a squad to make sure you get the right results on the damage tables. As for Dark eldar they have a perfect St to tack out dark eldar skimmers and there 2 accurate shots each means that theres enough shots coming from a squad to make sure you get the right results on the damage tables. There St means they wound Talon on 4+ so several turns of shooting can cause them to make enough saves to fail 3 and die. There is very little in the Dark eldar army that is not vulnerable to a deathrain. IF the suits are given flamers then they get the options to cause real problems to the lightly armours gaunts and DE warriors/witch's when they get close.

I would Definitely suggest taking deathrains in your army. If i were to play my tau against either of these two at 1000 points using the rest of the models you have my selection would be;

97 - Shas'el missile pod/Plasma rifle/mutlitracker/target array

94 - 2 Deathrain suits with flamers
94 - 2 Deathrain suits with flamers

115 - 10 Firewarriors team leader and bonding knife
115 - 10 Firewarriors team leader and bonding knife
136 - 16 Kroot + 4 kroot hound

96 - 8 pathfinder (you can just use some FW's for friendly games theres not much difference in models)
85 - Devilfish Disruption pod (put some firewarriors inside)

165 - HammerHead railgun and burstcannons disruption pods and mutlitracker
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Default Re: starting my first tau army

Many thanks for the two posts above! :-*

I just finished cutting out, getting things smooth and doing a layer of primer to my first XV8. It won't win a Golden Demon but for my first model it's ok, I suppose. As for tomorrow there is a bunch of FW waiting
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