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What do Marker light designators do?
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Default What do Marker light designators do?

What do marker light designators do? I mean what are the rules. Can you shoot your carbine and marker light designator. Does it add bs.
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Default Re: What do Marker light designators do?

for the pathfinders? its a markerlight target designator, its just a markerlight but they decided to give it a funny name :P
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Default Re: What do Marker light designators do?

So to answer your question, no. You can fire one or the other (Unless you take a Multi-tracker on the Shas'ui) and you can only get benefits from Markerlights to the same squad that shoots them from Network markerlights.
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Default Re: What do Marker light designators do?

Check out the codex, they do quite a few things.
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