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1500pt Army sugestions
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Default 1500pt Army sugestions

Me and some of my friends are having a 1500pt league. Got any good army lists against daemons, chaos marines, dark angels and eldar?
Thanks! ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D ;D
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Default Re: 1500pt Army sugestions

Well it all depends on what you got models wise and what they will be fielding (or what they usually field). Otherwise we could suggest a lot of thing that wouldn't work.

TBut off the bat, I would be incline ot say. AP2 weapons and Template weapons, since you are dealling with 2 quick army, 2 Marine army and 4 mostly CC army.
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Default Re: 1500pt Army sugestions

Well you have some very different opponents there, against dark eldar, you definitely need anti-tank to deal damage on their transports but all the armour is very easy to destroy with Str 5 AP5 weapons
eldar might be similar but they have lots of specialist guys so take a wide range of things there
chaos space marines require anti-MEQ weaponry so I would take some missile pods on XV8s there but unfortunately i cannot give advice for daemons as I have no idea how they work
against anyone, take out transports 1st to avoid early combat
it might be easier if you could find out their army lists so the comments can be more reliable but good luck with the tourney
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Default Re: 1500pt Army sugestions

Daemons will generally pop up in your face. Basically, with this mix of armies, you want a hybrid force that can spam the Daemons(they all have invuln. saves), pop some Eldar in the face, and roast CSM. And if they're packing Nurgle, bring Plasma.
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Default Re: 1500pt Army sugestions

Generally against daemons I go for my missile pods. Since all daemons have invuln saves, being able to AP them is out of the question so I look strictly at Str. The missile pods high str, long range and reasonable number of shots make it great for saturation fire on larger daemons. For the small guys however... pulse fire them as much as you can then jump into your pathfinder devilfish (you did give them one right?) and move off to set up another fire line.
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