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Battle report - Tau v Space Marines
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Default Battle report - Tau v Space Marines

Well a busy weekend for the Greater Good, with 1500 point battles against Space Marines and Sisters of Battle, and a 600 points against Space Marines, Sisters, and the Nids (all at the same time :P)

Final Tally was a win against the Marines, a comfortable loss against the Sisters and a draw with Marines in 4 man combat patrol.

I will start with the victory! :P

Shas’O (Commander Khaine)

Positional relay
Missile Pod and Flamer
Stimulant Injector
HW DC and 2 Shield Drones.


2 x XV8 – TL Flamers and BS filters

1 x XV8 – Fusion Blaster, Missile Pod and Multi Tracker.

2 x XV8 – MP and TL Flamer


10 Kroot + 10 Kroot Hounds

11 Kroot + 10 Kroot Hounds

6 Fire Warriors and Devilfish (with Disruption Pod and SMS)

Fast Attack

6 Pathfinders + Devilfish with DP, MT and SMS

6 Pathfinders + Devilfish with DP, MT and SMS

2 x Hammerheads – Multi Tracker and DP (Rail and Burst).

Against a chapter of the Phoenix Knights Space Marines

Shadow Captin Shrike

Tactical Squad (9 Marines, 1 Sergeant, Drop Pod)

Scout Squad (sear gent, 4 Scouts and Land Speeder Storm)

Scout Squad (sear gent, 4 Scouts and Land Speeder Storm)

Terminator Assault Squad (5 of them I think)

Assault Squad (9 Marines 1 Sergeant)

Sternguard Veteran (5 of them + Drop Pod)

Land Speeder Tornado


Mission – Annihilation / Pitched Battle

The Phoenix Knights deployed first, placing the Whirlwind and both Land Speeder Storms on the table. The Whirlwind and one Landspeeder on the left-hand corner of the Battlefield, the other Land Speeder in the centre.

I then deployed my Commander behind cover in the centre and held every thing else in reserve (Outflanking, Deep striking, and the Hammerheads and Fire Warriors on normal reserve).

Then the treacherous Phoenix Knights infiltrated Shrike and the assault squad 12 inches away from my gallant commander (shrike gives the unit he is attached to infiltrate and fleet – watch out for him! I would have got messy if I had been playing static Tau!).

Turn 1 – The Sternguard dropped onto the right hand corner of the Battlefield in my deployment Zone, and the Assault squad and Shrike jumped happily towards my commander. The Land Speeder storm from the centre moved towards the left of the table. The Stern Guard and assault squad opened fire on my Commander and eventually managed to cause a single wound! Then the assault squad and shrike charged him and after a fairly lacklustre round of assaulting managed to down him (just). At this point I thought I was in trouble, because my commanders job was to use his positional relay to hold off my reserves until all the Marines were on the table/or I could come in on a mass attack wave. I had no units in play so we moved onto Marine Turn 2!

Turn 2. – The Terminator assault squad teleported down around the Stern Guard drop pod. Nothing else moved and there were no targets to fire at :P

I rolled for my reserves and with massive luck (4+ to come on) every thing apart from the Monat XV8 and a Hammerhead came into play!

I moved my Fire warrior Devilfish and 1 HH in on the left side, the 2 Pathfinder Devilfish and 1 unit of Kroot came in on the left as well – in the Marine deployment zone behind his Whirlwind and Landspeeder Storm. The other Kroot came in on the right and scurried into the woods by the table edge. My XV8s with Flamers dropped in behind Shrike and his assault squad and the XV8’s with MP and Flamers behind the Land Speeder Storm on the left flank. My Pathfinder Fish fired into the rear of the Whirlwind and the Storm – Stunning both of them! The Kroot then charged in and attacked the Whirlwind (auto hitting 60 times) and destroying it!

The XV8 Flame squad opened fire on the Assault Squad – Killing 8 of them and wounding Shrike! (Yes, 8!)/

The HH fired on the Central Storm and caused a weapon destroyed result, then the 2 Missile Pods on the XV8’s blew it out of the sky – the occupants making an emergency disembarkation.

Turn 3.
The Landspeeder Tornado came into play, deep striking in front of the Pathfinders Devilfish, the Sternguard moved out from behind the drop pod and the terminators shuffled around aimlessly. The Scouts in the shaken storm disembarked and assaulted the Pathfinders Devilfish (blowing it up), and Shrike and his remaining 2 assault squad members attacked the flamer suits.(killing them both). The scouts on the left assaulted the other two XV8’s and killed them. While the Tornado failed to scratch the paintwork of the second PF Devilfish.

My Turn! The Last Crisis Suit and HH came into play, the HH coming in on the left and XV8 Deep striking behind the Tornado. The 2nd Pathfinder squad disembarked and joined the remains of the first squad in firing at the scouts in front of them, killing 2 and pinning the unit. 1 HH fired a submunition at the 2nd squad of scouts (killing 2) and the 2nd fired at the Assault Squad (killing 1 Marine). The PF Devilfish fired at the Tornado (stunning it), as did the Monat XV8 but he missed twice! The Kroot assaulted the Stunned Land Speeder Storm, auto hitting 60 times and destroying it.

Turn 4.

The Marine Tactical Squad drops in on the left-hand side by the PF and Devilfish, and Shrike moves towards the HH with the remaining Marine. The Scouts in the centre left run up the field towards the Stricken Tornado. The Tactical Squad open fire on the Devilfish but miss. The Sternguard open fire on the Kroot on the right (killing 2) the Assault terminators start to move towards them. Shrike assaults the HH but fails to hurt it.

The Pathfinders fire at the pinned scouts. Killing 2 of them and the PF Devilfish Fires at the Tornado, but fails to destroy it. The Monat Suit also fires at it but misses (again!) But the Trusty Kroot Assault it (Auto hitting 60 times and blowing it up). The Kroot on the right return fire killing 3 Sternguard. 1 Hammerhead fires at the tactical squad, inflicting 0 casualties, the other Hammerhead backs off from Shrike and fires at him, inflicting 0 casualties. The Fire warriors get out of there Fish (which moved 12) and join it in shooting at the Tactical Squad. Killing 1 Marine.

Turn 5.

The remaining scout on the left assaults the 3 Pathfinders – wiping them out, the Assault Terminators move towards the Kroot on the right, ending up within 12 inches of them.
The Tactical Squad fires at the Devilfish – Immobilizing it. Shrike assaults the HH again but fails to hurt it. The 2nd Scout Squad Charges the remaining XV8 and kills it.

The 2nd squad of Pathfinders blows away the remaining Scout from Squad 1 and the Devilfish Fires and the Kroot Rapid Fire the 2nd Squad, Killing 2 (1 Left). The PF Devilfish fires its SMS at it and hits 4 times! Then wounds 4 times! The Scout makes all its saves! (bah). The fire warriors heroically climb back into there immobilized DF (just in case there’s another turn). While the DF itself fires at the tactical squad – killing nothing. HH 1 fires at Shrike, killing the last Assault marine! HH 2 fires at a drop pod and destroys it (extra Kill point). The Kroot on the right decide not to assault the Terminators and move/run back away from them.

Game Ends!

Final Score 7 KP’s to 6 – Victory for the Tau! (just a pity that last Scout made his saves!)

Men of the match for me – Probably my Kroot (who destroyed a Whirlwind, a Landspeeder Storm and a Tornado in hand to hand, and killed 2 Scouts, the Flamer XV8’s that took out 8 of Shrikes Assault Squad were a close 2nd!

Was a fun battle – as it normally is against the Phoenix Knights! (In our history of battles we are pretty much even).

The Sisters will follow!
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Default Re: Battle report - Tau v Space Marines

Nice score! I never figured kroot to be an anti-tank unit but it seems to work really well, I might consider splitting my big ol' unit into 2 so I can try the same sort of thing
Does 2 units of 10 with 6 hounds sound better than 1 unit of 20 with 12 hounds?

well done on the win, looking forward to seeing the next one
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Default Re: Battle report - Tau v Space Marines

You were in trouble Gone. :P Looks like you got lucky in the second round with reserves and capitalized on the luck very nicely.

Damn, Kroot. Now there is an underestimated, underloved unit. Got to love the Kroot.
So what you are saying is that your Ground Cadre has lots of Air Support?

No. What I am saying is that my Air Support has lots of Ground Cadre.

If a Land Raider dies to a rail gun, and no one was around to see it, does the kill point still exist?
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Default Re: Battle report - Tau v Space Marines

Ranzin – I got amazingly lucky on those reserve rolls! The plan was for my Commander to spend a couple of turns positional relaying and Jump/Run/Jump away from trouble. I really did not expect Shrike! (He is definitely one to watch out for if you play Tau, he gives the unit he joins infiltrate and fleet! Join him to an Assault Marine Squad and there is nothing that unit cant hit in the 1st turn! Big ouch for Tau! As my poor commander found out! So yes – Those Reserve rolls really did save my ass (as did the XV8 Flamer squad who took down 8 of the assault squad when they came in – if that unit had stayed loose and mobile I could have been in even more trouble).

Kroot – you do have to love them! They are always underestimated, and denigrated to the pure roll of Meat shield, or cheap bolter equivalent unit. But played right they are probably one of the best units in the Tau Army!

Cammerz – I would definitely go with the two units, it makes them more versatile and able to react to different targets, but if you have the models I would up it to at least 10 hounds per unit.

The Sisters of Battle report will follow tomorrow – although this was a far less glorious chapter in Tau History! (It all went a bit pear shaped :P)
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