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grand tournament heats
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Default grand tournament heats

I was down in nottingham this weekend for a few 40k battles (Battle reports to follow!), and while we were there we went to watch a few of the Grand Tornament heats (the second of 3 heat weekends) at Games Workshop World. I dont know the final result because we left before the last battle of the heat - but I am happy to report that before this the Tau were in 3rd place overall and 3 Tau Armies were in the top 20 (I saw 7 people who had entered playing Tau). Cant remember who 1st was (think it was Dark Angels) and 2nd was Orks (lots and lots of Orkplayers).

I believe in the first heat Tau came in 4th.

Looks like we stand a good chance of defending our title! (Tau won the GT last year). ;D
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Default Re: grand tournament heats

I wish the lads good luck.

For the greater good!
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Default Re: grand tournament heats

I'm bringing the Greater Good to Baltimore GT this Weekend

For the greater good!
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