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Tau Weapons
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Default Tau Weapons

Yeah...I'm having some serious problems with the Tau.

It seems to me a stupid fact that nowhere on the internet can a weapons list for Tau- which shows what each of the weapons looks like - be found.

So can anyone help me out - what do all the Tau weapons look like - I have the Codex...but I'm totally at a loss
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Default Re: Tau Weapons

Have a look at this page/flash anim > http://oz.games-workshop.com/games/4...its_armory.htm
click on something on the left list of tau words, and it will bring up the weapon pic. Note, multi-tracker and drone controller look the same.

Now, for ones not included in that, railgun is the big gun on the bottom of page 17 of the codex. The ion cannon is shown on the top leftmost hammerhead gunship, the railgun is the other big gun seen on hammerheads, pulse rifle is the big long gun that the majority of firewarriors have, the carbines are the smaller ones.. that are on the drones.

hope that helps, should've covered all the weapons..
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Default Re: Tau Weapons

Thanx a bunch!
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