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Interesting insight on dealing with Eldar...
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Default Interesting insight on dealing with Eldar...

So there's a guy in our store who is pretty much one of the best players we've got and he plays Eldar. They're an army that can be notoriously difficult to deal with. He plays a hybrid of mechanized and infantry Eldar. We were playing an objectives game and I had a theory about his army and play style and was able to build a list that was pretty much taylored to give him a terribly hard time and I managed to gather quite a bit of very interesting data.

I'm just going to give a brief run down of things that worked out quite well against certain units that he ran and how it factored into the game. This may be a little long.

1) Deathrain Crisis Suits: There's really nothing in his army that doesn't have to worry about twinlinked missile pods. It can wound everything from the lowliest guardian all the way up to the nigh invulnerable wraith lord. Also, the majority of his characters are toughness 3 so it's actually instant death against them. I even forgot that his Autarch on Jetbike was toughness (3)4 which meant that the missile pod that he took a wound from actually killed him. During the course of the game I forgot this and he ended up killing my commander in a freakround of close combat. But that's a whole other story. Anyway, Twinlinked missile pods are always advisable against Eldar.

2) I took a super kitted out crisis suit command team that was literally designed to kill Eldar Guardians. Guardian squads with heavy weapons are annoying enough but when they have a warlock in their that gives them a 5+ cover save against shooting then they're just a pain. So I built a crisis unit as such...

Shas'el - Flamer, Airbursting Frag Projector, Shield Gen., HW Multi-Tracker, HW Drone Controller, 2 x Shield Drones, Iridium Armor and Stim Injector.

Shas'vre - Twin-linked Flamer, Shield Gen., HW Target Lock, HW Drone Controller and 1 x Shield Drone

Shas'vre - Twin-linked Flamer, Shield Gen., HW Target Lock

This unit is going to be tough for anyone to deal with for obvious reasons. They've got a 3+ armor save a 4+ invulnerable save, the commander has a 2+ armor and a 4+ invuln and as well the commanders shield drones have a 2+ armor and 4+ invuln. The commander also has feel no pain which is going to give him added staying power on the rare occasions that he is wounded. It's a tough nut to crack. How this bodes ill for Eldar Guardians is because they dont get armor or cover saves against any of their attacks. More over, the commanders weapon causes pinning! You can also use wound allocation to your advantage here to keep them alive. If your opponent hits them with pesky dark reapers that have the AP3 weapons then at that point you can just allocate the wounds to the commanders shield drones that have the 2+ save. You can even allocate wounds to the commander that also has feel no pain in addition to the 2+ save. It makes them damn near unstoppable for Eldar!

3) Shas'O R'Myr: Y'know if it weren't for me forgetting that missile pods cause instant death to Eldar Characters on Jetbikes AND for a freak occurance with the dice then he would have lived longer. In any case, he's actually good for dealing with certain Eldar close combat characters on an individual basis.

The situation was this, his Autarch on a jetbike was bearing down on a unit of Fire warriors and I needed to do something to stop him. So I remembered that Shas'o R'Myr has a 3+ invulnerable save in close combat. In addition the Autarch only get's his Strength 6 power weapon on the charge. Without that he's just a strength 3, weapon skill 5, toughness (3) 4 guy on a bike. Not much! I charged in and he caused 1 wound while I caused none. I was fairly confident that with Commander Longknife's Leadership of 10 he'd be able to pass the -1 leadership test. Unfortunately I rolled double 6's and he ran WAY off the table edge. However, in theory it was all sound. If you want to keep from getting charged and lock your opponent up in close combat then Shas'O R'Myr has a better chance of making it happen than just about any Tau Character besides farsight. Farsight puts too many limitations on the Army though so I didn't take him.

4) Warfish!: There's very little more annoying then taking 12 (from 3 warfish mind you) shots that wound on 2 and completely disregard line of sight. Smart missiles are such a weapon. With almost all of his units being toughness 3 it was pretty easy to cause enough wounds that his guys would eventually just drop. Also, the fact that they can shoot in any direction makes it impossible for your opponent to avoid them if they're in range. I definitely reccomend taking these against Eldar in every game.

In general, a good way to deal with Mechanized Eldar is to stay away from them. This only works for maybe 1 or 2 turns because their so fast but that's really all you need. Wraithlords are going to take a whole lot of shots moving across the field as slowly as they do. And Railguns actually have a decent shot at wrecking Eldar vehicles now. Anyway, these are my reccomendations for dealing with Eldar. If you've found this info to be usefull then enjoy. If you got a bit of extra insight then please let me know. I used all of these tactics and they worked magnificently today.
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Default Re: Interesting insight on dealing with Eldar...

Back when I started I participated in an Apocalypse battle of 2vs2, Tau vs Space Marines and Eldar. I fought against the Eldar for the first time there. It was a major blood bath on both sides, with the Eldar's faster speeds and the Tau's higher strength weapons. Any Shield Generator Tau Battlesuit has a better chance of surviving combat against Eldar than against most armies because of their weaker strength and toughness. Also of particular note is their team of Pathfinders. They rely on cover far more than anyone else, so an AFP or Flamer will be your best friend against them as well. Be wary of the Swooping Haws though. I never fought against them but with their ability to fly in and out of the battlefield and/or their intercept ability, they will cause havoc for the Tau. That's all I got.
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Default Re: Interesting insight on dealing with Eldar...

Great info, thank you! The TL flamer seems to work quite well when fighting alot of opponets!
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Default Re: Interesting insight on dealing with Eldar...

flamers are a no-brainer against eldar: fast as you want to be theres no BS test and even moderate StR can wound. The death rains are a good point though. STR 7 with good range and you got a lot of dead elves on your hands...
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Default Re: Interesting insight on dealing with Eldar...

Deathrain has nearly always been a standard weapon against Eldar...

It's only slightly worse now because of the new vehicle damage rules... Before then the Deathrain was a wonderful thing to knock their vehicles out, as well not being shot back (with a moderate amount of positioning).

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Default Re: Interesting insight on dealing with Eldar...

I think deathrains are even better against eldar vehicles now that we can get penetrating hits on Eldar vehicles in 5th edition. With that many strength 7 shots you're bound to do some damage.
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