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Deep Strike or Not to Deep Strike
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Default Re: Deep Strike or Not to Deep Strike

My Crisis've died every time I deep-striked them, or just come in too late to affect the outcome of the battle. I find that it's best to have them there at the beginning, providing fire support for yer FWs and Kroot, if ye have any...

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Default Re: Deep Strike or Not to Deep Strike

The thing is, against Eldar, if the enemy is any good at all, your railguns will never have a shot against the tanks, ESPECIALLY if all you have is broadsides. If you have a Hammerhead, you might have a shot at it. To that end, 100 points to kill one of their 200+ point tanks is very decent. It's a gamble, but if you're confident in your ability to isolate the tank, go for it.
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Default Re: Deep Strike or Not to Deep Strike

From a purely technical aspect, not DS'ing is better; but if you enjoy a little risk and the chance to do more, then go for it. The easiest way to think about whether you want to use or not is to remember the following:
When deepstriking, there is the possibility to do much much more, but also much much less.
When not deepstriking, you will have a much higher chance to do something, but you might not get as much accomplished.
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