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First Army! Hints and Help
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Default First Army! Hints and Help

Hey guys. Iím going to start my first army (Tau of course!) this weekend. Yay! Iím buying a battleforce and codex of a friend who wants to try a different army for $85 (AUS) which is about $100 of!
Theyíre not painted (which is what i wanted) and they are assembled with nail polish (thatís what he said) so they can be taken apart. Iím going to sand them and re assemble them (properly )
So why post all this? Well I was hoping you guys could give me a bit of guidance (so I make as little mistakes as possible) and some hints.
I was thinking of buying some more pieces over time. Those being sniper team, hammerhead (I read that you buy a skyray and you get the stuff to make all 3 tanks, is this true?) and pathfinders. Would you recommend this or have any hints for this? Should I get a shaper? Or should I get more FWís?
Paint wise I was thinking of going a green/brown with red or white as highlights, or some sort of cam pattern. I would appreciate it if people could help with the specific names of the paints and with tips or links. Also what types of brushes and tools should I get?

Well thatís it for now and thanks in advance for the help

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Default Re: First Army! Hints and Help

Hammerhead modelling idea...


Definitely get a hammerhead. The battleforce lacks any serious anti-tank firepower, so a Hammerhead will be a blessing.

After that, try for some Crisis suits, to give your army more of a mobile/versatile edge.

Lastly, Pathfinders. Markerlights help a ton, upping BS, lowering Ld, and plenty of other stuff.

However, if you are not one of the lucky few who have one of the mystical objects known as "salaries", than your options will be much more limited :P...but still go for the Hammerhead.

Branching off topic here...nail polish?...Does that really work?
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Default Re: First Army! Hints and Help

the skyray comes with the hammerhead turret, and you can leave the turret off to make it a devilfish, but its just one body so sort of but not really
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