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Bat Rep: Tau vs Imperial Guard, 1250 points.
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Default Bat Rep: Tau vs Imperial Guard, 1250 points.

I don't have any pictures, so I apologize in advance. I'll try to be as detailed as possible. Oh and I hate the Imperial Guard even more, so I'm not fully sure if its the individual units or the whole group it was selected under that counts for kill points. That being said here we go.

Deployment type: Table Corners
Mission: Annihilation

Note: It'll be from my perspective.

Set-up: He took the area with more terrain, with a building in the rear-left corner, where he set up the Mortar Team and the Fire Support Squad. Up front were the Chimera carrying I think the Command Squad, an Infantry Squad right behind it, with three Leman Russ Tanks of both Demolisher and standard right behind a building in the center, with the Chimera closest to me. The Hardened Veterans closer to the center in front of the Tanks, with the other Infantry Squad behind the building next to the tanks.

As for me, my two Fire Warrior Squads were positioned in the building on my corner, in the other end. I held back my Crisis Command Team in reserve, while my Deathrain suits were deployed close to the edge of the deployment, hiding behind a building. Pathfinders were deployed next to the Crisis Team for height and markerlight support, while the Broadside suits were on ground level hiding behind a building enough for a cover save. The Devilfish from the Pathfinders were set at the same location for LoS purposes, and finally the Hammerhead was on the other side of deployment by the Fire Warriors.

Turn 1:
IG - The Imperial Guard started off first, and I failed with seizing initiative. The Leman Russ came out swinging, moving right next to the ruined building in the middle, and firing at the tanks. Thanks to the cover saves from the Disruption Pods, none of them did any damage except for one shot taking out the SMS on the Devilfish. The Soldiers however did more significant damage, with a Missile Launcher taking out a Broadside, and a heavy bolter killing a Pathfinder.

Tau - The Deathrain suits move forward along the edge, and fire their missiles at the Chimera's front armor. They manage to immobilize the Chimera immediately, leaving it stuck there as an immobilized turret for the rest of the game. The Pathfinders light up a Leman Russ, but the Broadsides fail to deliver, failing to even wound it even after destroying the cover saves. The Hammerhead fires off a shot from its Railgun, and also doesn't do much.

Turn 2:
IG - The Leman Russ put on more hurt as they manage with combined firepower take out the weapons of the Devilfish AND immobilize it. However the Guard fail to take it out, one of the major points they fail to capitalize on. The Pathfinders were not so lucky with all but 3 being taken out by combined Soldier, Heavy Bolter, and Fire Support squads. The Mortars manage to inflict a wound on a Deathrain Suit. One of the Leman Russ takes a liking to my Hammerhead, trading shots but never inflicting enough damage to penetrate the armor. The Chimera unloads the Command Squad.

Tau - The Command Squad Deep Strikes in, first scattering off the board, but with the Devilfish still able to see them by a small amount, enough for a laser pointer to go through all the terrain and buildings and light the Team, they instead scatter a mere 4 inches in. They manage to severely damage the Fire Support Squad taking one out fully and the other two with 1 wound left each. Deathrain pops up and wipes out the Command Squad. The Hammerhead fires the submunition round and kills.....1 Guard, lots of cover saves.

Turn 3:
IG - The Fire Support unleashes on the Command Team, as does a Leman Russ. Despite it all, the bodyguards both go down in balls of flames, but the Shas'O remains unharmed. The Troops move up closer, but aside from wiping the Pathfinders and kill a Deathrain Suit, don't do much else.

Tau - The Shas'O gets revenge for his Bodyguard and charges into combat with the Mortar Squad. He stays locked in combat but manages to kill two of the three. The Broadsides finally start their work and wreck one of the Leman Russ Tanks. The Deathrain and Hammerhead continue on their respective tanks, doing nothing.

Turn 4:
IG -Shas'O kills the last mortar, while the Leman Russ do....nothing again. The troops themselves get in close but don't hurt the Broadsides or the Crisis suits.

Tau - Shas'O goes on the offensive and charges the nearest Leman Russ, failing with the Fusion Blaster. The Hammerhead however finally downs the Leman Russ it was firing on, blowing it up without mercy. The Broadsides use the SMS and start hurting the nearest Guard troops. In the assault phase, the Commander does the unthinkable to Tau doctrine and charges in on the tank's rear, punching into the armor. One attack gets through and by some sheer luck, brings down a tank the others had trouble with in one shot.

Turn 5:
IG - The IG continue on with the fire support, but with the loss of the three tanks, Morale has dropped considerably, and they do no damage to anyone.

Tau - They do some more shooting, but are unable to kill any of the troops or fire support squad.

With a roll of 1, the game ends with the following:

IG: 2 from the Bodyguards and the Pathfinders
Tau: 3 from the Leman Russ Tanks

Overall it was a very fun battle, and also helped show a new fellow Tau player an idea of what the Tau were capable of. With everything that happened, the Fire Warriors only fired a total of 2 shots the entire time, too far out from everyone else, and with the Leman Russ being right there, the two teams were unable to move in without being blown sky high by the Tanks.

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Default Re: Bat Rep: Tau vs Imperial Guard, 1250 points.

IG Infantry platoons give 1kp for the comand squad and 1kp per infantry squad, so for wiping out the whole single troop selection you get 3-6 kp... unless I've read something wrong...
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Default Re: Bat Rep: Tau vs Imperial Guard, 1250 points.

Yeah, I'm not fully sure either. The Command Platoon consisted of a Command Squad, a Fire Support Squad, and a Mortar Support Squad. If its three separate units they count as, then it would have been 5 to- just read the officer was an IC, so definitely 4 to 2 Kill Points. Yeah IG confuse the crap out of me, so if someone could clarify for the future on how its generally done?
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Default Re: Bat Rep: Tau vs Imperial Guard, 1250 points.

Isn't the body guard and the Commander considered one unit? I always thought that it'd be one KP. I could be wrong and often am. ^-^
So what you are saying is that your Ground Cadre has lots of Air Support?

No. What I am saying is that my Air Support has lots of Ground Cadre.

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Default Re: Bat Rep: Tau vs Imperial Guard, 1250 points.

Originally Posted by ranzin927
Isn't the body guard and the Commander considered one unit? I always thought that it'd be one KP. I could be wrong and often am. ^-^
Nope. They're worth 2 KP. The Unit counts as 1 KP, and once you kill of the bodyguard the HQ becomes an Independent character, meaning that he's worth another KP once the retinue is dead.
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Default Re: Bat Rep: Tau vs Imperial Guard, 1250 points.

i would count them as seperate units, just because they take up one force organisation slot does not means they are the same unit. in the same way that 3 sniper drone teams take up a force organisation slot but each is its own unit, counts the same for the individual squads of an imperial guard platoon.

scratch that, i misunderstood the question
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